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When can the streak freeze can get activated longer?

I'm going on a vacation soon for a few days (with no access to the internet) and I don't want to lose my streak.

I'm hoping that the streak freeze can be activated longer. Any ideas?

September 14, 2013



Sorry to be a party pooper but I have to say it: if you can just buy vacation days, there's no point to counting streaks anyway!


I strongly disagree! The only "point" of counting streaks is that it helps motivate you to continue learning. So if being able to put your streak on hold helps keep you motivated, then that's great.

And you only "buy" them with currency you earned through your language learning efforts, anyway. It's all part of making the language learning game more fun.


At the moment, you can only buy it, when the one before is used up. So no, you can only use it for one day if you have no internet at all.


Sorry your gonna lose your streak :(


Thanks a lot, that helps. It makes me FEEL way better...


Was hoping the same but sadly doesn't look possible :(


give someone you trust your password and get them to buy a new one each day you are away


But they might squander your lingots! You would need to give it to someone you trust a lot!


She can give it to 1kovacevicm1 she knows her in real life

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