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Day-Streak is wrong

I had a day-streak over a hundred days, and suddenly now it is at 12.

September 14, 2013



Sorry about this. There is a bug that will be fixed soon.


Your streak should be fixed now - thanks for the report!


Thanks to both, the streak is now ok!.


Ugh..my streak just dropped to 0....no idea why. Not that it was super high, but I kind of liked it!


Is there a new bug? My streak chart shows five days but the flame only says 3.


I had a streak of 163 days that is gone. I've made my daily quota every night even when I was so tired the phone fell out of my hands & even when I had to sneak outside to do my lesson on a "phone free retreat weekend." I was sick & skipped yesterday for the first time in forever, but I had purchased a streak freeze. How can Duolingo fix this, or am I now a former fan? : (

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