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Streak length: multi-lingual

I have a question about something that came up in the discussions about the lingots. And I would like to know it now because I didn't find it out in the time I'm here and never tried it myself. And I don't want to risk a streak and try it now.

So let us talk about my streaks for example. If I learn French every day, while doing Italian only casually, the "overall" streak on my profile comes from French, because it is the longest.

But what if one day I decide to continue the Italian streak and dropping the French. Let's say I am at 12 days French and 3 days Italian. Then I don't do French but I practise my Italian.

On the next day, would I have a 13 days streak? Because I did SOMETHING every day for the last 13 days. Or would my streak shrink to 3 because the longest language streak would be 3?

I wondered about this for quite some time without trying it out. And now the streaks become a bit more important because you can do stuff with it. So can anyone who knows about it definitely please clear this up?

September 14, 2013



Don't know if anyone will still read this. But I tried it out now.

Yesterday I did only Italian, no French and had a 19 days streak before.
Now it is 20 days (made up of 2 days Italian and 0 days French), so I dropped the French streak.
Neither my Streak Freeze nor my Lingots Wager were affected by it. The Wager counted on, the Freeze wasn't activated.

So this is the answer:
If you do more then one languages, you can alternate between them to keep your streak going. You don't have to do all languages a day and you also don't need to do the same language every day. As long as you do SOMETHING (in no matter which language) your streak will continue.


Yep - someone is still waiting for the answer. Well - have been waiting. ;-) Thank you very much for risking you precious streak and providing precise info!


Awesome! I just started another language and was worried about how the Wager would be affected. Thanks for taking the risk to find out for us!


THANK YOU. I've been doing French, Spanish, and Russian every day and have been too afraid to risk it!


The overall streak doesnt seem to be affected by skipping one of the languages. That means, if you learn multiple languages, you need to work on only one language to keep your streak intact.


My impression is that the streak length is the max of the streak length of each language...


So there's still no definite answer. Has no one ever tried it out? jrikhal, do you know this or do you think it? It thought the same, but I still would like to KNOW.

Today, I noticed something new (to me). I practices Italian (where I don't have a continuous streak) before I did French. And it added one day to my overall streak. So maybe it does count both languages, whatever you do first...

The longest streak length thing now became a bit more difficult with the "Freeze". When you activate a Freeze your language streaks will go to 0 again, but the overall will continue. So I don't think anymore that it takes this number (except if it's getting it from non visible system information).


I've been wondering about this myself. For the time being, I'm just doing something in each language each day, even if it's a quick run through the Common Phrases module.


I was a bit disappointed that the streak only counts for one language. I tried doing five languages a day but it doesn't really work, there's too much cross-pollination. So I basically resigned myself to not having a cool fireball with a big number next to it.


There is a language streak and an overall streak. The language streak you can view in the mobile apps when viewing that language. The overall streak you can view in the web browser version. My language streak is shorter than my overall streak. I have been doing two languages a day. It helps to do the same language first each time because at least one of them will be preserved if you can't get to both of them by midnight. I am not sure about the twenty four hour rule but I have lost my other language streak after completing at midnight or a few minutes after. I keep a "Freeze" banked but so far I haven't used it.

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