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  5. "She is yours."

"She is yours."

Translation:Is leatsa í.

April 20, 2015



I should have been marked down for this. I typed 'is leatsa sí,' and it wasn't a typo, it was something I thought was correct. I'm struggling to understand this lesson, I must admit. I think I'll be coming back to it a few times.


Am I right in thinking leatsa is the emphatic form of leat?


Why does í means she in this sentence? And not sí?


It's an idiom that literally translates as 'is with you her'. So it uses an object pronoun.


Is it possible, that the rules of Basic 1 are applied here: that "tá ... sí" and "is ... í" ?


Quote: Note the changes in some of the pronouns: when using the copula, é, í and iad are used instead of sé, sí and siad.


With the copula, "is", for the 3rd person, you use é, í, iad instead of sé, sí, siad. Supposedly, this is because sé, sí and siad, used with other verbs, are actually made up of is + é, is + í, is + iad. Which is really peculiar if you try to break it down.


Does it have to be "leatsa" . I was supposed to write "She is yours" in Irish. I wrote "Is leat í." and it was marked wrong.


yes it has to be leatsa


Leatsa is emphatic but how do you know the sentence requires emphasis? Can this sentence be used with leat?

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