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Fifth Lesson : Afrikaans Personal Pronouns .

There are not many pronouns in Afrikaans, so it should be easy for English speaking people.

If you are following these posts you know how things work, If you are new, and if you want to follow these posts, please go to the first lesson at : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8135345

Singular. Subject.

(1). I/Me = Ek

Example : Ek is 'n man.

Translation : I am a man.

Pronunciation : Like Egg but with a "k".

(2). You = Jy

Example : Jy is nie 'n man nie.

Pronunciation : Like the English "jay".

(3). He/Him = Hy

Example : Hy is baie slim. Example 2 : Dit was hy.

Translation : He is very smart. Translation 2 : It was him.

Pronunciation : Like the English word "Hay".

(4). She/Her = Sy

Example : Sy is 'n mooi meisie. Example 2 : Dit was sy.

Translation : She is a pretty girl. Translation : It was her.

Pronunciation : Like the English word "Say".

(5). It = dit

Example : dit is 'n huis.

Translation : It is a house.

Pronunciation : Use Google Translate.


(6). We/Us = Ons

(a) Example : Ons hardloop gereeld. (b) Example : Hulle soek vir ons.

(a) Translation : We run often.
(b) Practical Translation : They are looking for us.
(b) Literal Translation : They seek for us.

Pronunciation : Use Google Translate.

(7). You = Julle (plural).

Example : Julle is vinnig.

Translation : You are fast.

Pronunciation : Use Google Translate.

(8). They/Them = Hulle

(a) Example : Hulle is goeie mense. (a) Example : Dit is hulle.

(a) Translation : They are good people. (b) Translation : It is them.

Pronunciation : Use Google Translate.

And That Is that, for part 1.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this or the previous lessons.

Please,only on topic comments.

April 20, 2015



Watched Chappie (the movie) last night, so let me try:
Chappie is baie slim en baie vinnig, hy is 'n robot. Yolandi is 'n mooi meisie, sy is die ma van Chappie. Hulle ry 'n mooi kar.


Well done. Goed gedoen.


Baie oulik. My naam is Yolandi en ek praat ook afrikaans.

[deactivated user]

    Isn't "jy" pronounced like the Dutch "jij", rather thn the English "jay"?

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