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  5. "As chaves são do golfinho."

"As chaves são do golfinho."

Translation:The keys belong to the dolphin.

December 22, 2012



As ridiculous as these 'nonsense' sentences are, I have to agree that I find them helpful in remembering the vocabulary. Also it forces you to think instead of relying on context, like one would be prone to do if the sentence were something like "The keys belong to the boy."


Why would a dolphin need keys?


Well you see 1/3 dolphins will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. the other 2/3 are usually the assaulters. But anyways to combat this, its not uncommon in brazil for a dolphin to have keys to their dolphin apartment, most dolphins I personally know say that locking your doors and shutting your windows is the best way to prevent sexual crimes among dolphins.


That's probably it.


To keep those thieving lions away from their stationery.


those dolphins...


'these are the dolphin's keys' should be ok too I reckon


I agree - and think you comment is much more valuable than discussing whether a dolphin needs keys. I even think using sentences like these might help even more to memorize the word


not native, but i believe if your refering to the keys in relation to the speaker or listener, like in your sentence, you say "estas chaves". yes or no?


Hello Libor! I think that duolingo tends to only accept the translations that are the closest to the original sentence. In the case of the sentence you suggested ("These are the dolphin's keys"), there is a closer translation:

"Estas são as chaves do golfinho".

I hope it helps! =)


Interesting, I tried "The keys are of the dolphin." which is the literal translation of the sentence we had, but it was marked wrong. They want "The keys belong to the dolphin." which would have been "As chaves pertinencem ao golfinho." or "The keys of the dolphin" which gets rid of the verb. Of course, I knew that my sentence was literal, but not the way we would say it in English. I am not sure that Libor's sentence is more different than the accepted versions. Wait, I think I have it! How about "The keys are the dolphin's." Let's just get rid of the preposition instead of the verb.


"The keys are the dolphin's" should be accepted. As for the other one, they tend not to accept most literal translations (when others are available) unless they are what would be said in English. I think. =]


Best sentence ever ! :3


well comparing to a lion being able to write, the belongings to any animal are out of question, especially when tamed pets.


why is the answer key singular? I thought As chaves signalled plural. Confused as a dolphin locked out of his casa


Hey PhilippeJ! The default translation (suggested translation) duolingo is showing me is "The keys belong to the dolphin," which is plural (as it should be, like you said). Are you seeing "The key belongs to the dolphin?".


ola vivisaurus! Sim, the specific reason highlighted for my answer being wrong was for writing 'keys' instead of 'key' which made me confused. Although I think I wrote 'The dolphin's keys' which is not exactly the answer given. Muito obrigado for your answer!


Why, for any reason whatsoever, should I waste time learning the work dolphin? Please give me useful nouns.


I take it that you are not a marine biologist? What field are you interested in?


The keys belong to the dolphin? BRILLIANT.

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