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My student forgot her password and can't use her e-mail address to receive a link to reset. HELP!

I have a student (well, really two now), who registered for accounts using a school board issued G-mail address. Neither student's e-mail addresses is enabled to receive emails from an address that exists outside of our school board. We have tried NUMEROUS possible passwords and neither of them can remember what they entered when they created their profiles. I have submitted various tickets to find a solution to this problem (requesting that I, as the teacher, be given their passwords - which I uderstand is a privacy issue, or requesting that these two accounts be deleted entirely so that we can recreate new profiles, use their same e-mail addresses, and then WRITE DOWN in a safe location, their passwords so that this doesn't happen again.

Does anyone know of a way to recover their students passwords without have the website/app send a reset link directly to the student?

If not, would anyone know how I could contact someone at Duolingo directly (via telephone or an other e-amil address), that does not involve writing a helpdesk tickets - I just keep getting the same response tell ME to click on the link to reset MY PASSWORD, but I know my password :D

April 20, 2015



Work smarter, not harder.

I had the same problem. Student registered with school Gmail and forgot password. I asked them to log into their Gmail, open a new tab for Duolingo. Click on the login dropdown and "LOG IN WITH GOOGLE." the red button. This lets them access the same account, but no need to enter a password. The credentials are tied to their Gmail account so it is secure.

Hope that solves the problem!


That is a nice solution, but it would depend on the privileges given to these student accounts. If they are not permitted to use them for such logins, it won't work.


Excellent point. it is worth a try, and if not available due to permissions, then the @duolingo.com email domain will need to be white-listed by your school IT to receive the password reset email. (this is the second solution that I pursue in my school.)


You say that those email addresses can not receive mails from outside the school circle. You then say that you want to have the old accounts deleted so you can create new accounts, again, with the same emails. Isn't that pointless?

Wouldn't you be better served by asking them (and all the other kids in your class) to use other email addresses? Or are they, for some reason, not supposed to have private email ids?


Your are correct. These students are only juniors (in grades either 4, 5 or 6) and they are not allowed to use private e-mail addresses at school. That is why they are provided with school board issues G-mail address. It prevents them from accessing or being contacted by sites/people outside of our board. My solution to their difficulty in remembering their passwords (even their email addresses, for that matter), is to have them record this information into a personal book or theirs or I have a class list with such information incase they forget.


What about the email administrators at your end? Enable external emails. Reset password. Disable external emails again. Or depending on how the external emails are rejected they might be retrievable from a delete items folder.


yes, that seems like an interesting idea.


I have contacted the IT person at my school an they will discuss it with the higher powers this coming Monday. My only concern was that I could find a solution to the problem that would allow it to be resolved almost immediately - I am going on maternity leave on May 1st and want to make sure that all of my students are able to use the site/app once Ive left.

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