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Unofficial Highscores #3 - Top 10 this week, this month, & all time

HIGHSCORES: http://i.imgur.com/bmKp2Ye.png (September 14, 2013)

If you're looking for some motivation, or if you would like to be added to the list, add me (score_board) on Duolingo.

Sadness has more points earned this week than what his total score is, possibly due to resetting languages and using shortcuts on the tree.

Lots of people have very impressive scores this week!

If you see somebody with a lot of points, please let me know!

Here's something new I'm thinking of adding: top overall scores for each language (listed below). If you (or somebody you know) has a LOT of points in a single language, please let me know!


  • donfollow - 153 246


  • mgketteridge - 103 670


  • jmcliste - 201 321





September 14, 2013



I think, and this can be open for discussion, that Sadness cheated (if that even matters). If you look at his stream it shows him having done placement tests for Spanish, English, and Italian. That racks up maaajor skill points.

Although he may just have knowledge in all of those languages and recently added them. I don't know.


I don't think you can, at all, call that cheating. The guy clearly knows his way around those languages, having tested out of many skills at once(assuming he didn't use a translator which would be very odd and highly unlikely). Yes, he didn't probably translate as many texts as you or somebody else might have, but those sentences or skill points or level doesn't always show your actual proficiency in that language. A mon avis, skill points and levels are only to be used for your personal motivation and not for visceral comparison. But that's just me...


You're right, you could only pass those shortcuts with an adequate skill level in a language. But there's no way to see whether they're intentionally resetting them each week. So I'm not ultimately judging Sadness, unless these shenanigans appear next week. Then something would be fishy. I'm sure many people worked hard this week to get the highest amount of skill points possible, learning a lot along the way. And if someone decides to skew those results in such a way, score_board could simply remove them. And that's just me.

[deactivated user]

    Well the problem is that English (from French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese) doesn't show up on someone's profile page. The amount of points you see there are the ones you earned learning a language from English (German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese). However, in the leaderboards, the English scores are added. So he/she might have cheated or might have earned a lot of points learning English that we can't see.


    That's a possibility. A suggestion on the last thread was that they used the "Shortcuts" on the skill trees and reset their progress after doing it.

    I don't know if that's considered cheating or not. You can get a very high score in a very short amount of time, but it gets you nowhere with your "All Time" score.


    I don't see how using the shortcuts on the skill trees could be considered cheating. If you've studied the language for a long time, it's a total waste of time to learn basic vocabulary when you could take the shortcut. You're not cheating, you're getting credit for coming in with some knowledge already. Now, if you do the shortcuts and use a computer translator, that's cheating and also it's a stupid waste of time.

    [deactivated user]

      I completely agree with you, why waste hours getting to your appropriate level? (apart from altruistic bug-hunting reasons of course). I don't even mind someone resetting a language and taking a shortcut over and over again. The possibility is yours, and if you want to do just that, be my guest.

      The problem is that it seems (I've never actually tested this) that if you reset a language you lose your all time points in that language, but keep your weekly and monthly points, which would be a bug. Using this technique to get in the highscores isn't exactly cheating, but if you do it on purpose I'd say it is kind of abuse of the situation.


      It's because of an implication that they might be resetting the languages and then redoing the shortcuts, putting them on the weekly and monthly leader boards each week. Sadness is really innocent until proven guilty at this point. We should be able to disprove this in a week.


      Ah ok, that explains why he only has 9241 skill points from my point of view. Even then, looking at his stream there's a huge block of skills that he learned only yesterday, and for English as well.


      Can you do the whole list


      Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for that, sorry :(

      Being an engineering student who commutes to school is very demanding of time. Right now, I have about 120 friends, and I keep finding more people every day.

      If you'd like to know, you're #72 this week, and #96 this month.

      Happy learning!


      It would be really cool to figure out a way to have the full list for those of us whose scores aren't in the stratosphere, yet we study every day.


      Thanks for the reply!

      Hmm... For future updates, maybe I could post how many points every 30th or 40th person got. That way, you could have an idea of where you are. How does that sound?


      Yes, that would be helpful, but wouldn't it be nicer if Duolingo could turn score_board into a real score board. Instead of you doing all of that work each week, if Duolingo could just let us see score-board's leaderboard when we peeked at its profile, until they fully implement their own score board.


      Why not just script the parsing of your friend list? It's in clean html for all three "tabs".

      Why not? Why not. :) Here's the script: http://ebm.si/duo/scores.php (turned out to be harder than usual, but it works)

      You can run it whenever you want and just copy the resulting lists for further use.


      Where can you find the highscore list?


      As of now, there is no official highscore list. I try to add as many people as I can, and I do unofficial highscore updates weekly.


      I've got 80 in Russian, do I get a medal?


      Shavore has over 180000

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