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Texting Terms in Spanish

Texting in Spanish

To master a language, do what language speakers do. I have created this guide to help you learn common texting terms in Spanish. Learning these will allow you to communicate more naturally through text in Spanish. Plus, if you give me a texting term in Spanish that I missed, I will add it to the list, give you credit, and 3 lingots. Have fun, and happy learning. :)

100pre — siempre — always

a10 — adiós — goodbye

a2 — adiós — goodbye

ac — hace — (form of hacer)

aki — aquí — here

amr — amor — love

aora — ahora — now

asdc — al salir de clase — after class

asias — gracias — thanks

b — bien — well, good

bb — bebé — baby

bbr — bbr — to drink

bs, bss — besos — kisses

bye — adiós — goodbye

b7s — besitos — kisses

c — sé, se — I know; (reflexive pronoun)

cam — cámara — camera

cdo — cuando — when

chao, chau — adiós — goodbye

d — de — from, of

d2 — dedos — fingers

dcr — decir — to say

dew, dw — adiós — goodbye

dfcl — difícil — difficult

dim — dime — tell me

dnd — dónde — where

ems — hemos — We have

ers — eres tú — you are, are you

ers2 — eres tú — are you

exo — hecho — act

eys — ellos — they, you (plural)

finde — fin de semana — weekend

grrr — enfadado — angry

fsta — fiesta — party

hl — hasta luego — see you later

hla — hola — hello

iwal — igual — equal

k — que, qué — that, what

kbza — cabeza — head

kls — clase — class

kntm — cuéntame — tell me

km — como — as, like

KO — estoy muerto — I'm in big trouble.

kyat — cállate — Shut up.

m1ml — mándame un mensaje luego — Send me a message later.

mim — misión imposible — mission impossible

msj — msnsaje — message

mxo — mucho — a lot

nph — no puedo hablar — I can't talk now.

npn — no pasa nada — nothing's happening

pa — para, padre — for, father

pco — poco — a little

pdt — piérdete — get lost

pf — por favor — please

pls — por favor — please

pq — porque, porqué — because, why

q — que, qu.a — that, what

q acs? — ¿Qué haces? — What are you doing?

qand, qando — cuando, cuándo — when

qdms — quedamos — we're staying

q plomo! — ¡Qué plomo! — What a drag!

q qrs? — ¿Qué quieres? — What do you want?

q risa! — ¡Qué risa! — What a laugh!

q sea — qué sea — whatever

q tal? — qué tal — What's happening?

sbs? — ¿sabes? — Do you know?

salu2 — saludos — hello, goodbye

sms — mensaje — message

spro — espero — I hope

t — te — you (as object pronoun)

tas OK? — ¿Estás bien? — Are you OK?

tb — también — also

tq — te quiero — I love you

tqi — tengo que irme — I have to leave

uni — universidad — university, college

vns? — ¿Vienes? — Are you coming?

vos — vosotros — you (plural)

wpa — ¡Guapa! — Sweet!

xdon — perdón — sorry

xfa — por favor — please

xo — pero — but

xq — porque, porqué — because, why

ymam, ymm — llámame — call me

(Thanks to vcel10!) KO — estoy muerto — I'm in big trouble.

(Thanks to lisajaneagra) - gracias- thanks

(Thanks to lisajaneacompu) - computadora - computer

3 years ago


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A few of these make me laugh, because they are almost the same length as the original word (example: amr - amor). I can see occasionally using them for longer words (in informal texts with friends), but if you are just omitting one or two letters, spend the extra 1/3 of a second and type it out right, people! :D

3 years ago

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3 years ago


Chicos, por favor no destruyan la gramática. Escribir correctamente siempre será la mejor manera de comunicación.

3 years ago


Just a tiny warning: Most of Spanish (and Latin American) forums online forbid this kind of words. Because it's destroys grammar. And you could get ban after using (frequently) any of the words of the list.

Además, existiendo whatsapp, ¿para qué ahorrar en letras?

3 years ago

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But thankfully not this one!

3 years ago

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Where did you get this list? (Latin America o España . . . probably America)

Some of these are funny.

KO — estoy muerto — I'm in big trouble.

3 years ago


Whoops! Forgot to cite my sources! My English teacher would kill me. The link is http://spanish.about.com/od/writtenspanish/a/sms.htm.

Thanks for the additon to the list!

3 years ago


REVA-reír en voz alta- laugh out loud- LOL

3 years ago


¡Genial! Some of my Mexican friends use these kinds of shortcuts on FB sometimes, & I have to guess or ask what they mean. It's great to have a 'cheat sheet' now. ¡Mil gracias! Here, have a lingot or 2. :)

3 years ago


It is so annoying!!! I have recieved these -

grax - pretty sure it means gracias compu - computer

I hate when people text like that but it is a great list to help decipher!!

3 years ago


Thank you. It is annoying and people are forgetting how to write correctly, which doesn't help when you're writing papers fr school or filling out job applications or resumes. Make sure you have someone proof things for you. Sorry, had to get it out of my system.

3 years ago



3 years ago

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I wish you would have just listed the text speak first, and had us guess what the answer was, it would have been a fun exercise in learning.

I love how creative people can be. I especially enjoy the creative integration of numbers in words.


3 years ago


I Think we shouldn't have these, not that I don't this post- I love it but we should use correct grammar

3 years ago

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I think they are great to know!
Of course, (in my opinion) one should advoid 'text speak' whenever possible, but if you are electronic communicating with a native spanish speaker, chances are you will come across some of these, so it is not a bad idea to be familiar with them.

3 years ago


why not then you can text people in spanish and if they dont know the language it can be funny

3 years ago

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This is very useful! I asked my Spanish speaking friend about a few of these and she only recognised a few of them.

3 years ago


Thanks for the list! I was looking for something like this.

3 years ago


This is pretty cool! And some of them are funny :)

3 years ago



3 years ago


Forgot the most important ones! : ) Jaja, y Jeje.- haha and hehe

3 years ago


Hey Guys

1 year ago


I know how late this is but I'd love to contribute one anyway even though it's been two years since you guys have been talking in this thread: klk? = something like "what's up?". It's from Dominican Spanish and is pretty common online.

7 months ago