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430 days streak credits, 440 and counting...

In the beginning of April when I reached 420 days streak I received 42 credits, everything was normal. But not last week when I reached 430 days. Now reaching 440 days streak, the credits also were not yet rewarded. So please, could someone inform if this change is here to stay ?

In a comment someone mentioned a possible A/B list, but I don't understand this new parameter. How is this defined and what does this new parameter try to improve ?

Many thanks from this Expat Brazilian student, who is learning with you more than languages ;)

April 20, 2015



From what I've heard, they changed the system and we no longer get a reward for our streak :( Nice streak though!


Thanks for your answer and comments. The streak is the result of long sleepless nights... But I have to confess I got hooked on the possibility of the credits reward. Consternation :(


I know right! Getting those lingots really motivates me! Only half the user base is experiencing the change - luckily I'm not in that group. The change is in response to economic inflation on Duolingo... they're trying to reduce the number of lingots users have.


Since they are virtual rewards, the “Duolingo Virtual Reserve” can generate as many lingots as needed. That's more or less the. Right now, far more lingots are being given to users than enter the economy stabilizer aka the Lingot Store. This is why we have inflation on Duolingo. An ideal situation would be when those numbers are equal. Inflation is when the supply of lingots rises, causing a fall in the value of each individual lingot.

So Duolingo is taking measures to reduce the number of lingots so they become worth more again. I don’t think eliminating streak reqards will help much though. I think people will be more reluctant to spend lingots which means none will be going out of the economy.

Imho, the way to fix this is instead to add more products in the Store. This would increase the number of lingots taken out of the economy. This will even help lower user inequality because the richer users will be spending lingots instead of just gaining them.


Well, as a Brazilian I know a lot about the dangers of inflation in an economic broader picture. But, does it apply here too ?


Technically inflation can happen in any economic system. In real life, one cause of economy instability is the rate at which money changes hands. The same applies to Duolingo. The issue is that the Store has shrunk in size and so there is not as much to buy which means lingots don't move around as much.

The change is just going to kill the "Duolingo Dream" because it will now be impossible to move up in the virtual world. I think the answer to the problem is to offer more products in the store.


Really? Surely an infinite number of Lingots exist since they are virtual rewards anyway.


No problem! It also may just be something they're trying and they might change it back too, we just don't know :). I hope they change it back!


Me too. Keeping the credits reward is a very good strategy. It benefits more than the risk of inflation in the long run :) It inspires discipline and commitment. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.


Thanks for asking the question. When I reached 310 days and didn't receive 31 lingots I wondered what was going on also. I wrote to duolingo and hope to get an answer from them. I also hope they bring the lingots/streak back as I really look forward to the 10-day reward. Maybe duolingo is secretly doing a research study on reward systems.:)


You are not alone, but that is an impressive streak. I did not get 27 & 28 lingots for the respective streaks. Another post indicates that you get randomly put on some list for "an A/B test". I don't know what that is, and would rather not be on it, thanks!


Thanks for taking the time to comment. I will keep looking for more information about these new parameters and the desired improvements to the learning experience, because I really enjoy the Duolingo experience. Have a wonderful day !!!

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