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Japanese Lesson 26: Clothing Part 1

Did everyone have a good weekend?! :D We're starting a new section today!!


Wear (Shoulders to waist): Kiru: きる: 着る*

Wear (Waist down): Haku: はく: 履く

Shirts: Shatsu: シャツ

Shoes: Kutsu: くつ: 靴

Skirt: Suka-to: スカート

Coat: Ko-to: コート

Dress: Doresu: ドレス


I wear a shirt.
Watashi wa shatsu o kimasu.
わたし は しゃつ を きます。

Our skirts.
Watashi tachi no suka-to.
わたし たち の スカート

I have shoes.
Watashi wa kutsu o motteimasu.
わたし は くつ を もっています。

Our coats.
Watashi tachi no ko-to.
わたし たち の こーと

We have coats.
Watashi tachi ha ko-to o motteimasu.
わたし たち は コート を もっています

You wear shoes.
Anata wa kutsu o hakimasu.
あなた は くつ を はきます。

The man wears shoes.
Otoko ha kutsu o hakimasu.
おとこ は くつ を はきます。

She wears a dress.
Kanojo wa doresu o kimasu.
かのじょ は ドレス を きます。

The girl wears a skirt.
Onnanoko wa suka-to o hakimasu.
おんあのこ は スカート を はきます。

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April 21, 2015



Wow this is really cool thank you for doing this!


So then かける is to wear for the shoulders up?


Actually I think that's 「かぶる」. :3 but yeah. I'm going to cover it on the next lesson, because the next lesson has hat. :D


Oh you're right!... Hmmm but I'm sure I saw 「かける」 or something else used with 「眼鏡」 (glasses for anyone reading this and wondering)... is that something different again? (Note: I may also be misremembering what it was but it definitely wasn't any of 「履く」,「 着る」, or 「かぶる」).


Hmm... Rikaichan gives me a lot of definitions for かける including "damaged" "broken" and "missing" ... which would explain why it would be used with Glasses... but otherwise IDK.


OK this is annoying me so I found an example question. :P It comes up in lesson 7 of the 「目的語」 skill. For the English 'He wears glasses' it accepted 「彼は眼鏡をかける。」 and prompted 「彼は眼鏡をかけています。」.

Edit: I hunted it down on Jisho.org to 掛ける. It is apparently used for glasses and seems to mean to hang, suspend, hoist, or raise (as well as many other things that don't really suggest a common theme to me). o.0

So I guess in Japanese you don't so much wear glasses as precariously perch them somewhere?


Indeed. 被る (かぶる) is the word you would use for hats btw ^^ There are quite a few words for to wear in Japanese. It's a bit of a quagmire, really. You can use つける for a general kind of wearing to, at least in the continuous tense. Something like having on, I would say. Also, まく for things things you wrap around yourself, as well as しめる for a necktie (and presumably a bow-tie).

I intended to mention these unless it had already been done, and this gave a good opportunity XD

Edit: I just noticed that かぶる was introduced in the next lesson ^^'


Did you want to number this lesson? Of course that means you would need to renumber the subsequent lessons...


OMG. x_x It's fine. I'll re-number when I get off of work. GAH.


I know nobody cares about romaji translation but I believe 'We have coats' should be translated as Watashi tachi WA ko-to o motteimasu.

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