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"Ahora sólo interesa el cómo, no el por qué."

Translation:Now only the how matters, not the why.

September 14, 2013



The meaning given for the new verb "interesar" is "takes an interest." not "matters." It's a pretty far stretch from the definition to the accepted translation. The literal translation is not accepted. Very confusing!


"Now only the how matters, not the why." - this English sentence is too difficult for me to understand..


Imagine you are a detective investigating a crime, and for now, you just wanna know how the criminal did it, then you will worry about the why


Then they should've given an alternate translation to the verb, one that would've at least gave us a chance to answer this properly.


At the moment not the question why, but only the question how is interesting. Would this be an acceptable translation?


No... The Spanish sentence says nothing about a question, and that's a very unnatural sentence in English. In addition, "ahora" means "now," which is slightly different from "at the moment"


Now only how this sentence should be translated is of interest, not the why.


This was a tough one!

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