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  5. "Bugün pazar!"

"Bugün pazar!"

Translation:Today is Sunday!

April 21, 2015


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Pazar = Sunday or Market. Now I wonder how to say "Sunday market"... :-) (And if Pazar is related to Bazaar)


Pazar is bazaar in Turkish :) Traditionally, the bazaar was on Sunday. The concept of a "Sunday market" doesn't really exist in Turkey though and every town has pazar on a different day (for example, Zonguldak, where I used to live, has them on Wednesday and Saturday. Kozlu, the next town over, has them on Monday and Thursday) :)

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Thanks. We have that too, I expect it's like that everywhere, it gives the merchants the chance to go from town to town, and sell at markets every day.

But in Zonguldak, if you were talking about next week's markets, could you differentiate between the market on Wednesday and the one on Saturday? Wednesday vs. Saturday Market? Maybe as a compound noun, then it would be çarşamba pazarı and cumartesi pazarı, right?


That could work. So would "pazar günündeki pazar, etc." This construction works exceptionally well for contrasting


I live in pratapgarh India here market is still on Sunday..intersting


Are Turkish days of the week capitalized; e.g., "Pazar"? Also, when listening to translation, "pazar" sounds like "pazari".

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