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"The girl saves the dog every day."

Translation:Sábhálann an cailín an madra gach lá.

April 21, 2015



"Colleen! Lassie's fallen down the old well again!"


why aren't "madra" and "cailín" lenitied?


Words that are grammatically masculine don’t lenite after the denite article in this case, only feminine ones do. ‘Cailín’, despite its meaning, is grammatically masculine (weird, I know right), as is ‘madra’.


Is there a place this is listed on Duolingo? Or should we do our own research on masculine/feminine? I've not seen it, but I'm often on mobile.


DuoLingo only makes some passing references to masculine and feminine nouns and give absolutely no guidance on the issue.

There's some very useful information in this thread that has helped me a great deal in assigning the correct gender to nouns.


Tá an madra sin tríoblóid


That doesn't really work in Irish.

trioblóid is a noun which would require the copula, but you are using it as though it as an adjective. You can sort of get away with that in English, because English doesn't have a separate form for the copula, but is trioblóid é an madra sin doesn't really work either - "X is trouble" is just as idiom in English that can't really be directly translated into Irish. For example, the NEID suggests trioblóid a thús agus a dheireadh as a translation for "he's trouble with a capital T".

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