Turkish Subtitles ("altyazı" means "subtitle")

(see comment below for more info in English)

Kendini eklemeye ve senkronizasyon gerekiyor video yazılımıze göre mesela:

Başka bölumlar kimse yaptı mı yapacak mı?

April 21, 2015


You might want to post this in English, as most of the people learning this are total beginners and don't speak that much Turkish ;)

April 21, 2015

Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

For beginners "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Türkçe" might be too difficult even with subtitles, but as my level is B1 it might be OK for me or for anyone who can read my post above (which I am sure has lots of mistakes). I hope to start watching it today. If I like it I will practice my writing by trying to butter up the TV company by sending them a flattering email asking if they could do Turkish subtitles for the whole series. However I have been told that deaf Turks prefer sign language on film and TV to subtitles. The link above only has subtitles for episode 1.

Since I posted the above I found

"altyazılı" literally means "below writing" i.e. "subtitles" so those links show films and soaps ("dizi" means "soap" as in a trashy TV series) which have Turkish subtitles.

(technical digression - ignore if you are not a geek: domain names with Turkish letters e.g. altyazı.org have been available for some time but many have been bought by domain name speculators - you can check at if there is one you want)

Of course most films with Turkish subtitles are foreign but for us learners we want Turkish films and soaps so for both those links click on "Ülke" and select "Türkiye" then click "ARA"

  1. select the film or soap you are interested in
  2. scroll down to the blue horizontal bar with "Altyazılar" written on it's left hand end
  3. click the link immediately below that
  4. On the page which appears scroll past the advert and click the button marked "Altyazılı İndir" to download the subtitles.
  5. The file downloaded is a ".rar" file (a popular compression method in Turkey but unfamiliar in many other countries) so the method of unpacking it will depend on your operating system (in my case Ubuntu so I just click and extract). My Windows PC is broken so I cannot easily check but apparently on Windows it is like this: After extracting you should then have a file ending with .srt
  6. Assuming you already have the film on your computer run it with the .srt file you just obtained. The method of doing this depends on your video playing software and you may need to synchronize: in my case as I use VLC media player I followed the instructions at

I cannot guarantee to answer all tech questions about subtitles but if you have one please ask and I will try at least to point you in the right direction.



April 22, 2015

I have just been told that "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" is too difficult for my level, which is B1.

April 22, 2015
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