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Some words in skills are more frequent than other

When practicing unfinished skill some words migrate from one to another. I found that when you finish two lessons from one skill some words from first lecture go to second lecture. When you finish third skill the same words from 2nd lesson migrate to third and so on and so forth until you finish entire skill.

But most irritating is another feature that due this bug (or another bug) some words do not appear at all.

To be more specific: I've finished 8th lesson from Inf. 2. Now it looks like:

créer, découvrir, compter, tuer, vivre, chercher, demande

Originally it looked like:

créer, découvrir, compter, tuer, gagner, recevoir, aider

You see that three last words (vivre, chercher, demander) migrate to each new lesson. And I've discovered that I've never seen a sentence with a word "créer".

I've tried to report this bug several times.

April 21, 2015

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I think this bug is crippling some lessons, so it's not impossible to make some of them gold (such as Possessives 2 and some report also Infinitives 2). Hopefully someone will fix this.

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