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So my streak of 223 days has somehow been reset...

I've ben having a streak of 223 days yesterday. I've set my daily goal on 30 XP per day and usually do 90. Yesterday I only managed to do 38 (four swedish lessons), but somehow my statistic only shows 27 for yesterday. Oddly enough, when I did a few lessons today in the morning, it still showed 223. But now it only shows 1. That's pretty frustrating, to be honest because now it feels like I have to start over again and the motivation for practicing further is somehow gone... Does anyone have an Idea what might have happened? Is there any way of restoring my count? Any help would be apreciated...

April 21, 2015



I don't know if there's anything which can be done about it, but I would suggest you just mentally add 223 to whatever number you see from now on. It doesn't really matter what number other people see. All that matters is that you know you've managed to continue the streak.


Yeah, I know, but it's just kinda motivational to actually SEE the number than only immagining it :/

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