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"Sønnen returnerer æblet til hende."

Translation:The son returns the apple to her.

April 21, 2015



Why is 'the son gives the apple back to her' wrong? It means the same as 'returns the apple to her'.


What's the difference between "vender" and "returnerer"?


Duolingo should stop with the famous apple, come on, there are so many other fruits, like a banana or an orange, i'm tired to see æblet everywhere, who is with me?


Give back/return; Same thing here?


I wrote "The son returns her the apple" and it was marked wrong. Flagging this one, it needs to be fixed.


You can say "the son gives her the apple" or "the son gives the apple to her". "Return" doesn't allow both structures; you can say "the son returns the apple to her", but not "the son returns her the apple". There's no logical explanation, but that's the way those two verbs work. I hope this helps :)


Well he was the apple of her eye so I guess he had to give himself back to her

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