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Irish Pronunciation Explanation Video

Hello all! I came across this while looking for resources on the web. I hope it will be as helpful for others as it was for me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIokUII7LX0

April 21, 2015



I'll still have to watch that a few times to fully get the pronunciation down right. Thank you for sharing.

April 21, 2015


Well, the complete Irish pronunciation can not be crammed into one video, in my opinion. You only get the basics of how each letter is pronounced. Words are much more dependent on the feel, so you have to just plow through Irish videos and similar things like this.

April 22, 2015


The handout she developed is quite good as well as the video (though I agree EpicAwe that a single short video won't teach you all you need). I downloaded her handout, then created my own double-sided, single page reference based on it which I laminated and keep with my Irish learning materials.

April 22, 2015
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