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Hawaiian Language

I would like to recommend a new language to Duolingo. The Hawaiian launguage. It has no purpose, but it would be fun to learn. It has only 2 thousand speakers and could soon go extinct. It would be an interesting language to learn. The Hawaiian language has 17 letters: A, B, D, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, T, U, V, W and has 7 diphthongs: AE, AI, AO, AU, EI, EU, OU. Please like if you would like to start this language.

April 21, 2015



I brought this up a few months ago: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5449559

I contacted some people in the Hawaiian Studies field at U of Hawaii, but no one got back to me (they probably thought I was spam, or was selling something to them). :(

Imo I think it's kind of pointless waiting around for someone who's proficient in an endangered language to wash ashore on this topic on the Duolingo boards, so I always thought it would be better to contact the right people ourselves and see if they're interested.

Of course even if we find people and they're willing to volunteer for the incubator, it all depends on the staff's interest in deciding which language to give the OK on. I know of a few other incubator teams ready to work, but waiting to proceed...


I briefly chatted about this with Puakea Nogelmeier (http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hshk/people/marvin-puakea-nogelmeier/) in January. He said that back then Duolingo wasn't ready for Pacific languages but he also cited time constraints on his parts. Maybe time to ask again.

One, would think that offering Hawai‘ian would be a no-brainer. In Hawai‘i, almost every single road-sign or geographic place-name is in Hawai‘ian. Yet, language resources are hard to find.

See also the following Ted Puakea gave:



`Anakala Puakea is the right person to start a search for Kumu ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi. There are so many graduates of Hawaiian Immersion Schools that perhaps some would like to be the part of starting something here on Duolingo. The language is definitely alive and there in an entire new generation that will make sure the Hawaiian language continues. E mau ke ola o ka 'ōlelo Hawaiʻi


I sit as a parent rep on Aha Kauleo and am part of the committee dedicated to using technology to increase language use. Aha Kauleo is a group consisting of 3 reps per Hawaiian Immersion school,where children are taught completely in Hawaiian, 1 admin reply, 1 teacher rep and 1 parent rep... We meet 4 times a year and I sit in a room of about 60 or so fluent Hawaiian speakers who representan even wider base.

Basically, I have the resource pool necessary to create a Duolingo course, I just need to know who to contact at Duolingo. We would absolutely love to partner with Duolingo in our efforts to continue to restore the use of the Hawaiian languages.

This would prove great value in helping to educate parents that may not speak Hawaiian to continue the use of Hawaiian Language at home after school lets out.

My email is jamespakele@gmail.com if anyone can connect me to the right people.


James Pakele


Aloha James - Did somebody from Duolingo ever contact you? Can't believe this thread is going on for 2 years now. Seems tricky to find contact details to poke somebody at Duolingo directly. If they have time to offer a Klingon course they should have offered a Hawai‘ian course years ago.


James, have you tried https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply ? It's the place where you can apply to contribute to a course. Hope you still want to do it :P


I find this very important. We need to find a way to bring back the native languages that where once widely spoken in the lands in which the United States or Canada owns. It would be nice to see one of the biggest language learning websites in the world to bring endangered languages like Hawaiian, Cherokee or Inuktitut in the community for everyone to learn. It would bring more cultural awareness about the land, the history, and the people in which many people are living in or among.


This official request was linked in the "I Would Like a New Course" guide, and I wanted to personally express my support for having this beautiful, endangered indigenous language available to anyone who wants to learn it via Duolingo! Please post and upvote if you're interested so we can continue to attract applications by Hawaiian speakers and public user support. It really does help!


yes, please! I am desperately looking for ways to learn Hawaiian.


Don't forget that Hawaiian uses the glottal stop, too! I'd learn this language - I actually have a small book of a few phrases from when I went to Hawaii. Nani ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. Makemake au iā ia! :)


I lived there for a period of time, and only a handful of native Hawaiians spoke the islands beautiful language. If duo lingo could make the course, we could bring it back! the only thing we need is people to contribute..... hmmmm


A Hawaiian course would be amazing! When I was in Hawaiʻi, I was surprised that I didn't hear spoken Hawaiian at all. There are signs in Hawaiian (with spelling inconsistencies though) but that's it. It is very hard to find good, free learning resources (that aren't from 1995). How can I contribute? I'm obviously not a fluent speaker myself, but I'd like to contact some people who are. Do they just get in touch with Duolingo or is there an official application website for Hawaiian already or what would they do?


We need people to send powerful emails to Hawaiian institutions. I will try my best


Agreed, would love to use Duolingo for Hawaiian! The best I can do now is self study with a copy Nā Kai `Ewalu from UofH Hilo, some practice worksheets from the Learn Hawaiian YouTube channel, and watching Ōiwi TV online. But duolingo would make it easier and more convenient because I would not have to lug around textbooks and worksheets with me. I was so disappointed that they allowed Klingon in the incubator over the inclusion of a real language. I hope it doesn't set a precedent for other fiction languages at the expense of real, living languages.


To my understanding, no language added to the list of available languages on Duolingo comes at the expense or inclusion of another. It all comes down to having enough engaged volunteers who are fluent in both represented languages, to make it happen. Simply put, there are currently more Klingon speakers dedicated to creating a Duolingo program than there are Hawai'ian. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. What needs to happen are more phone calls and emails to people proficient in the movement to save the Hawai'ian language. They would need to be the ones that get involved in developing Hawai'ian as an option here.


Thank you for the clarification! I thought I had read somewhere that Duo only allowed a certain number of languages to incubate at any one time, so a new language could be added only when an incubated one graduated from beta. I'm glad that is not the case. Hopefully that there can be enough people interested in Hawaiian to get it on Duolingo!


I sit as a parent rep on Aha Kauleo and am part of the committee dedicated to using technology to increase language use. Aha Kauleo is a group consisting of 3 reps per Hawaiian Immersion school,where children are taught completely in Hawaiian, 1 admin reply, 1 teacher rep and 1 parent rep... We meet 4 times a year and I sit in a room of about 60 or so fluent Hawaiian speakers who representan even wider base.

Basically, I have the resource pool necessary to create a Duolingo course, I just need to know who to contact at Duolingo. We would absolutely love to partner with Duolingo in our efforts to continue to restore the use of the Hawaiian languages.

My email is jamespakele@gmail.com if anyone can connect me to the right people.


James Pakele


You can apply to add a language here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply I think you have to click enter other, write "hawaiian", and then enter "for english speakers" you have to write your application in both languages


Aloha, I am fluent in this language and would love to share my knowledge with you! I can set up a tutor set on Quizlet, which is basically like Duolingo. Let me know if you are interested! :)


I am interested :)

You can contribute to a course: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


Aloha Laeem, I'd be very interested and most appreciative. Mahalo nui loa !


Hi Laeem, by chance: have you set up any tutor set on Quizlet by now? ^^"


It has plenty of purpose especially if you live in Hawaii or Polynesia!


...Aaaand Hawaiian is now in the incubator!


FINALLY!! And it happened while I’m here in Kona vacationing!


Hooray Hooray! Now - where do we find it?? I went to sign up and couldn't find it anywhere? Help help - can you help?!


Thanks Sebastian.s & Mattogucci, for pointing it out that it's in the incubator now yay! party!

at KarinLynn1: you can find it here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/hw/en/status


Go to where you can choose new languages. It you are on your phone you might not be able to see it. However, on other devices you should be able to see that it's "hatching". Click up top for Doulingo to contact you when it's done. Hope this helps!


Hey, just to let you know that Hawaiian actually only has 13 letters: H, K, L, M, N, P, W, ʻ, A, E, I, O, and U. B, D, R, T, and V are used for loan words.


Just to let you know... Hawaiian does have 13 letters (if you count the okina), but they don’t have v. Instead, they use w, which can make both the English w sound and the English v sound depending on the placement in the word.


I would love to have a course for the Hawaiian language! Duolingo could practically rescue the language by creating interest for the language and could be used to help save this beautiful language from extinction!


As someone who is well on the way to speaking Hawaiian, I would like to make a correction. There is only 13 letters in the Hawaiian language: A E H I K L M N O P U W ʻ (ʻokina is considered a letter). Although the letters you states do appear, they are not a recognized part of the Hawaiian language. I would love to see Hawaiian on here though! Great suggestion!


I am a linguistics major particularly interested in endangered and dying languages. I would be extremely interested in this course! If I can be of any help, please let me know.


So according to this poll:


Hawaiian is the most asked for language by far ... I just hope it is not another 2 years before we see that happen.


That's actually pretty impressive. Hawaiian wasn't even included, but there are more write-in votes for it than any of the listed languages.


If a Hawaiian course was created, Hawaiian citizens could start learning their state's original language ;)


There is something very strange about living in a place where so many of the place names come from a language which is no longer spoken there, or which has become marginalised. It has happened to me a few times, with different languages each time, and each time it seemed as if the place were haunted by ghosts.


What are some other places like that?


Almost all of Ireland and Scotland, most of Wales, parts of New England. I'm sure there are more.


The case of New England is especially strange because there's generally a mix of "proper English" place names which sound completely unremarkable, and Native (usually Wampanoag) names. A lot of people think the Native names just sound comical (e.g. Cuttyhunk, Cummiquid, Seekonk). I think people aren't really conscious of the history that these names represent. It would be interesting to hear how it is in other places.


The other places I mentioned are different cases, because the descendents of the people who spoke those languages are still there, just speaking English in most cases, while what happened in New England was simply genocide. There's no other word to describe it.


A lot of places in the South Island of New Zealand are named in the thought-to-be-extinct Southern Māori dialect.


Almost all of Scotland? Isn't Scots quite widely spoken in the Lowlands?


Scots certainly is, but Scottish Gaelic is now spoken almost exclusively in Na h-Eileanan Siar, a.k.a. the Outer Hebrides.


As far as I know, Scottish Gaelic was never spoken across the whole of Scotland, so many (most?) people still speak the same language they did hundreds of years ago (Scots).

(If you go back fifteen hundred years, Scots is an 'immigrant language'. But the same is true for Gaelic, which is basically the descendent of the language of Irish settlers and only precedes Scots by a few hundred years. To put that into perspective, Human settlement on Hawaii also dates back to about that time.)

This is not meant to distract from your main point. I personally do think people have a responsibility towards older languages of their territory.


Scots is so often overlooked, and that is a shame.


I am Scottish and English- My 9-year-old little sister is crazy over being Scottish and gets really mad whenever we talk about the UK- she won't accept that there really is a UK, and wants to believe that Scots would never do something so "traitorous" as she calls it.


That's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't say the word UK- or else, Patricio (Pal)


A lot of the US and Mexico are like that. I can’t say it has ever felt unusual though.


I think there should definitely be a way to learn endangered languages and others that need reviving. It's much more interesting than learning traditional "popular" languages.


I'm shocked this isn't more popular! It should be.


My parents met in Hawaii, and I feel that it's a strong part of my life. My uncle lives there and my grandfather died there. I would love to honor my heritage by learning the language.


Aloha 'oe! Hawaiian would be an amazing addition to Duolingo! It's not nearly as endangered as people think it is. While there are only 2000 native born speakers (mostly on the island of Ni'ihau), there are upwards of 25000 who are fluent worldwide. I grew up in Hawaii and took 3 years of this beautiful language in high school!

There aren't many online resources. One can read Nā Kai 'Ewalu and listen to online videos, but the only way to really learn this language is to take classes. I'm in college now, 2600 miles from the nearest Kumu 'Ōlelo Hawai'i, and being able to continue it on Duolingo would be a gift.

Hawaiian is so similar to other Polynesian languages; I can partially understand Samoan and Maori, even though I've never taken either. If Duolingo wants to ever branch into the realm of Pacific Languages, Hawaiian is a must. And as the only non-English official language of the USA, I'm really wondering why it doesn't already exist here.

Kahiko a me nani ka 'ōlelo Hawai'i. 'O ku'u 'ōlelo o ku'u home keia. 'A'ole ho'omakemake 'oia. Mahalo nui loa.


I was reading Nā Kai 'Ewalu and I loved it! I enjoyed learning Hawaiian using the Hawaiian terms for grammatical and sentence structure, and the pepeke to diagram sentences was so helpful. But like you said, you need a class (or Duolingo) environment to really learn it. The book was extremely accessible and well written, but without the Teacher's Edition I could never check my work. The woman who does Learn Hawaiian Online used to create homework and quizzes and provide answer keys but she stopped doing it a few years ago. So I could only get as far as Chapter 5 or 6 in the book I think :(


I may be parsing you sentence wrong, but English and Spanish have been official languages of New Mexico as long as it has been a state.


Aloha! https://quizlet.com/_42f0n5 is a study/learning set that I made and it can really help anyone learn Hawaiian. I have been learning Hawaiian for 9 years and I would be happy to help you. Feel free to check it out! Mahalo! :)


I checked it out, thank you! It works pretty well =) Although I have to say, I think on the numbers the languages got switched around, and I have trouble with the ' because it doesn't accept the one my keyboard is able to make, but that might be because I have a German one XD


I am TOTALLY JAZZED! Mahalo! Can't wait to work on this! // QUESTION: How do I find out exactly how it works? (I'm old! ;) Not quite Luddite but sometimes need help...) For instance, I clicked on the "sound" icon at the vocabulary and got the English words. I already know how to pronounce those ;) - how do I get the Hawaiian pronunciation? :) ??


I checked again, try out the sound button on the numbers, there you get the hawaiian words (even though the 'Okina is pronounced like "y" for whatever reason ^^) I guess the quizlet system only allows for the pronounciation of one word (ideally the one you want to learn) but it looks like the columns are preset on which language is which, but it isn't consistent in the learning set, but I don't know how to fix it =/


It depends on the order of the words. The audio always plays for the second word, whether it is English or Hawaiian. Though there are a lot of problems with its Hawaiian pronunciation.


This is a great idea!! I hope this happens soon!


Isn't there supposed to be a Disney movie in the making of a Hawaiian princess or something? Perhaps when that comes out the language will get enough attention for a spot on Duo.


Moana. She's Polynesian and apparently goes to Hawai'i, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Rapa Nui (Easter Island). I'm not sure if she's Hawai'ian :)


no she's not. it doesn't specify which island she's from


I do hope Hawaiian is added to Duolingo; I very much wish to learn more of this beautiful and melodic language!


I think I would be cool to learn Hawaiian


Yes it would be good! Aloha


Wow, I never expected this to get so many likes and positive comments. =) Unfortunately I do not know Hawaiian nor do I know anyone who does. However, there are hawaiian courses on other sites and are some colleges who study hawaiian so it is possible to get people who know hawaiian to develope the language here on Duolingo so its not hopeless. Ty for your support!


This definitely has my vote. I am an 1/8 Hawaiian and an 1/8 Japanese. Sadly, both languages aren't avaliable on Duolingo. This would help others who want to dive into their heritage but cannot because of the limitations (for example: I can't attend a college that teaches Hawaiian where I am). It would also help the islanders in Hawaii. On my last trip there, we were told that not many people speak the language anymore. It's mostly the elders. The language is dying, and it would be nice for duolingo to have it documented so others could learn it. It just might save the language.


Just wanted to voice my support for this! When I was in 6th grade I tried to teach myself Hawaiian using library books, podcasts, and vocab word printouts. Seeing it on Duolingo would be a real full-circle moment for me. :)


I completely agree. I'm a duolingo user learning Italian but I also just started taking up Maori and Hawaiian and had to get 2 other apps just to learn. I would absolutely love if they added the Hawaiian language so I can condense my apps to 2 instead lol


Hi! Just curious... What other apps were you using for Maori and Hawaiian? Would love to know.


For me, Hawai'ian has real purpose. I race outrigger canoes where most of the calls are in Hawai'ian. Many of our paddlers come from Hawai'i and speak the language. I have more opportunity to speak Hawai'ian than my other two non-native languages combined, having practice three times a week. It would be awesome to be able to communicate with other paddlers in the language most dear to them.


Hawaiian only has 13 letters: A, E, I, O, U, H, K/T, L, M, N, P, W. And the 13 letter is the 'okina which is basically an apostrophe that represents a glottal stop. K is pronounced T only on Ni'ihau. And all vowels and a few of the dipthongs can be short or long and have a macron (or "kahakō" in Hawaiian). So like a, e, i, o, and u can be ā, ē, ī, ō, and ū. And the dipthongs are: au, ai, ao, ae, eu, ei, iu, ou, oi, ōu, ēi, āu, āi, āo, āe.

I wish i knew more hawaiian than what I do now, I would totally contribute to a hawaiian course. But if anyone that happens to stumble upon this trying to learn hawaiian here are a few resources for learning 'Ōlelo Hawai'i.

Old Hawaiian grammar book - http://ulukau.org/elib/collect/hawaiiangrammar/index/assoc/D0.dir/book.pdf

If you live in the united states you can get Mango Languages through your library, at mangolanguages.com. They offer hawaiian.

if you are willing to spend a bit of money then possibly try out this website - learnhawaiianonline.com. It's a bit pricey and i've never tried it myself but it is in association with the University of Hawai'i at Hilo according to the youtube channel that has free instructional videos that go along with at textbook from the website. Also it is only a one time price and on the website there is unlimited access to audio samples.

I've never been dedicated to learning it that much to buy something but I have a basic grasp and can still sorta form sentences but I haven't practices much in a while.

Anyway good luck learning this beautiful Polynesian language random stranger!


The Kaua'i dialect also kept the t - Mahalo for the info on resources!


Yeah, this language would be perfect for me! The language of happiness and surfing! Upvote!!!


Maui resident here. Hawaiian is such a beautiful language and I don't speak that much of it. It would be amazing to see here!


This would be a great language to start! I've been wanting to learn Hawaiian for a while!


such a beautiful language! i really want to learn hawaiian!


Would love to learn Hawaiian! I love how melodic it sounds. :)


I will tell my little sister... she is on Duolingo as well and is crazy for Hawii!!!


I think that would a great idea. I grew up on Oahu in the 1950s & 60s The Hawaiian language was being lost. However, there a number of movements to preserve and develop Hawaiian culture and language. Many of these folks I believe would find this site helpful and would be ones to contact to assist in the development of a Hawaiian language site.


I would love this; I have a friend who is 100% native Hawaiian and she is always making fun of me. I've picked up the (friendly) insults, but I'd like to have an actual conversation with her.


Have you asked her to try to contribute?


I thought about it, but she just underwent some major life changes recently and I haven't talked to her lately. :/


I wholeheartedly vote for this too - I would love the idea of Duolingo being a small (or big!) part of revitalizing this minority language. Come to think of it, I think it would be nothing short of awesome to have a Duolingo for minority / endangered languages. Create the interactive vibes and game format that Duolingo has and use it to allow communities to hold onto and strengthen their grasp on the language. I see this already happening with Guarani, Irish, Welsh, Hebrew etc and don't see why it can't be done for languages with even fewer speakers.

I like this idea so much - I would probably finish the Hawaiian tree in no time!


I'll add my voice to those who want Hawaiian on Duolingo. I have access to many of the best resources, but they are scant compared to many other endangered tongues. Duolingo would be a great help.


From three years ago to now (5-5-2018) I would have thought a course would have popped up by now. But I would love to take a Hawaiian language course. I have hopes to move there, and knowing the natural native tongue would help my transition, I think. I've read a lot of the comments. The interest is here, there was even someone with the means (James Pakele). Now all Duolingo has to do is take action.


I would like this very much to happen


Aloha ko'u hoa! While I think getting in touch with UH Manoa professor would be a good step in the right direction, it isn't realistic right now. (They're on Hawai'i time) I do think we should get in touch with people from Kamehameha (ka - may- ha-may-ha) Schools. That, I think would be our best bet for now! I lived on O'ahu most of my life. Living in Hawai'i has had a tremendous impact on my life and even today, 2 years after I've moved to the nā moku'āina ' (mainland), I still can't help saying da kine, asking for a pupu's menu when I go out to eat, and half the time I don't ask 'how its going?', I ask 'howzit?' Anyways, my Kumu ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi gave my class a great resource to use for learning Hawai'ian and its FREE. Its done online, thru Kamahameha Schools Distant Learning.

Kamehameha Schools, Main website - http://www.ksbe.edu/

About KS - http://www.ksbe.edu/about_us/

Who to contact - http://www.ksbe.edu/about_us/contact_us/

KSDL Online Free Hawai'ian Language Learning - http://ksdl.ksbe.edu/hawaiian_resources/kulaiwi

Mahalo and Na'u ka hau'oli!


Aloha! I would like to say that I have released a new document on Quizlet that teaches you the basics of Hawaiian. And, that there is a HUGE purpose to Hawaiian language. Itʻs the most important culture of Hawaiʻi. Anyways, here is the link if you are interested:


I will be updating this site, please keep in touch :)

Mahalo nui


It has a HUGE purpose! It’s a Polynesian language that is related to other Polynesian languages and it is a resurgent language!


I wish a Hawaiian would come to Duolingo as a language learner and then help Duolingo set up a Hawaiian section.


that would be really cool. i have been looking for languages that barely anybody uses and i think Hawaiian would be a great language to learn.


Me too! Sounds cool!


I'm interested in Hawaii history and culture so this would be wonderful.


Since a hawaiian lady said i had a hawaiian name it would be cool to learn.


I would love to learn more of the Hawai'ian language. I have been in a Hawaiian dance group for quite a while - but in the meantime two years have passed since I had to step out due to timely reasons. We were using original hawaiian songs and tried to get used to the language because we were relying on the lyrics for our movements (hawaiian dance is kind of story telling while dancing)... At these times I could understand some parts but have forgotten most of it by now.


I would totally do it!!! Please do!!!


Id love to learn this language.


I would love to learn Hawaiian as well! It is a wonderful language, I am fascinated by its sweet rhythm and adorable words, but unfortunately I could not find a way to learn it (I am from Hungary which makes it even worse, as Hawaii is on the opposite side of the Earth...). So if anyone from Duolingo is reading this, please be as kind as to create a Hawaiian course. :) <3 Thank You in advance!


I agree so much! I've been looking all over to try to find somewhere to learn it, because duolingo doesn't have it, but it's just too hard without duolingo. They could have so many people speaking Hawaiian if they would just add it as a language, and it would be less "endangered".


It's wonderful to know that we have the Hawaiian course up and running at last.


I started learning Hawaiian on Mango Languages and it is very good! I never would have thought it would be of such good quality. hopefully Duolingo adds it to its list. Most of the languages available on Duolingo are of European origin, though. Perhaps it will take quite a while to happen.


Me and at least one of my friends would love this course


I would love to learn the Hawaiian language.


YES!!!!!I would LOVE to learn the hawaiian language!! Ke Kahakai!


i would appreciate the Hawaiian language being added.


I've heard a lot of different Hawaiian words because of watching Hawaii 5-0, and I still get excited when I hear them because I think Hawaiian is such a neat language. I really hope they have it to learn on Duolingo one day.


I love Hawaiian culture. Perhaps some fun aspects of the course could be things like kava culture, or even surfing. I am sure that this would be welcomed by people of Hawaiian ancestry as well as people living in Hawaii.


I'd love to see a unit on Hula Vocabulary!! It's one of the first things you learn in Polynesian dance and the words have a lot of general cross-over (huli, pau)


well, I was part of a Hula-group here in my country. I would have a list of vocabulary from that. I filled that form for "contribution to a course" but haven't received any feedback yet. - we will see if there will be any feedback.


It would be good to see a Hawaiian course on Duolingo


The Hawaiian language is not a dead language as you suggest. I find it spoken throughout the islands. It would be a worthwhile language to add to Duolingo. Mahalo


It could save the language if Duolingo followed through. See what happened with Welsh and Irish. They were almost extinct until Duolingo made a course out of them.


I would love to see the Hawaiian language here on Duolingo! It would be an amazing way for people to begin learning about Hawai'i's culture and people. Since Hawai'i is also a popular tourist destination, adding the language to Duolingo would bring in more users to the website/app.


its been 2 years since this comment.. and recently i have taken a interest in hawaiian things since that's part of my culture and no one in my family doesn't know it very well because it wasn't passed on. But i think they should add it because it would be nice.


Just posting to voice my support for this suggestion! I'd love to have Hawaiian on Duolingo!


i would also like to learn how to speak hawaiian. My reasoning being that i have very close friends with this language and i would like to be apart of their culture language.

[deactivated user]

    i would love learning this language! (especially as a ukulele player)


    PLEASE!!!! I would love to learn the hawaiian language so much


    I visited Hawaii when I was in middle school and of course the only words I knew (like most people) were "aloha" and "mahalo" but I really really wanted, as a kid, to be able to say more because I think I wanted the Hawaiian people to know that I appreciate them enough to speak their language and not solely be a tourist

    I now have several friends who live in Hawaii & it would be really cool to visit them with a bit more knowledge than my first trip


    If this got taken into action, I'd be happy to help in the incubator.


    Hawaiian is in the incubator now!!! So you can apply and help with the course :)


    I don't speak any Hawaiian but I would love to learn the language! the only things I know are the names of some fish from kids' books :) this is a great idea!


    The Hawaiian language DOES HAVE A PURPOSE and if you're not a Native Hawaiian you should not be so ignorant to make such a disrespectful statement. I'm sure it goes without saying that if you are going to attempt to learn a language, you should first be respectful of the language, its people, as well as the culture. Otherwise, you will be much better off pursuing a different language.


    The Hawaiian culture is a very interesting culture. I would enjoy studying it and learning the language!


    Great idea! How do you suggest a language on Duolingo?


    Go to 'Discussion' and then click 'New Discussion'.


    I mean, that's how you start a discussion. But to suggest a language, I guess this will help you out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


    hey that would be great please do make that language and im kinda new here so that would defentily make my time with duolingo way more exiting thx



    i am from hawaii. would you like my help?


    This would be great thank you! I am currently learning Hawaiian on my own, but it requires using two textbooks, watching two sources of online videos, and then podcasts to basically get what I could in one spot with Duolingo. It's a wonderful language and I want to help contribute to its revitalization by speaking it and appreciating it.


    can i help? i got the resource to do this except installing a hawaiian keyboard but still. please sign me up for this!


    We would LOVE your help! Thanks for offering!


    That would be super awesome! Ae, ka mea e noho me!


    Hawai'ian at one time was but now is by no means endangered, and it is spoken by a lot more than 2,000 people. It is basically only used in Hawai'i but its use grows daily and is important in understanding the culture.


    please! let's get a jump on this! i would love to speak hawaiian and i'm already learning it but i need duolingo's help!!!


    Same here, i found good classes on youtube but i think duolingo will work much better.


    mind sharing the videos? :)


    This is the first class, the sound quality is ok, you can understand everything but it can be hard to see once she starts writing on the white board due to a glare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR0rVQvRGJo&t=63s


    my family is from Hawaii and I want to learn


    I recently went to Hawaii with my family, and the language is beautiful! I would love to learn it.


    Please, please add Hawaiian! I don't want to see this language disappear. Duolingo has the position/ability to help in that noble endeavor! I don't know any, but I would absolutely learn it for my own knowledge, but primarily to preserve it!


    This would be so much fun to learn!


    Don't let this language die! Please add this to the list! Thank you!


    I'm dying to learn the language I really think they should add it!!!


    I'd love to learn Hawaiian!


    Would love to learn!!!!!


    2 year old post, and I strongly support this idea. How can I help to make this happen? I'll do whatever it takes to learn this language and save it from extinction


    I want to learn Hawaiin!! disappointed that it isn't on here


    I am very interested in learning Hawaiian and the resources are few. I can't believe that Duolingo still does not have a course for this beautiful language. I guess I will keep waiting...


    Considering there are a few fictional languages already in Duolingo, I too believe it is important to recognize real dying languages, such as Hawaiian. Great idea!


    I don’t know what you mean by Hawaiian language has no purpose but every language has its purpose. I’m Hawaiian and here in Hawaii there are a lot of children who go to Hawaiian immersion schools and as far a dying race well that’s due to America illegally occupying Hawaii witch they have and still is committing war crimes such as genocide,rape,apartheid just to name a few. But it’s understandable they don’t teach the true Hawaiian history in schools not even in Hawaii


    Oh this would be so exciting!
    Hawaiian is such a gorgeous language. I hope this comes to fruition! :D




    I would love to learn Hawaiian for two reasons. 1) Fro the fun of it. 2) To keep the language alive.


    It would be great to have a Hawaiian language course. It looks like an interesting language.


    I would love this I'm trying to self teach atm and its hard with pronuncation. Such a beautiful language


    i would love to speak hawaiian


    This would be awesome


    i think hawaiin is good because it is not quite the same to our language but is similar so will be easier to learn


    I would like to learn it :)


    I personally think Te Reo Māori is more likely, I don't think Hawai‘ian has enough speakers to be released anytime soon.


    I totally agree!!!!!!!!!


    i speek hawaiian


    I agree. Hawsiian would be a great language to learn!


    I want this course!



    I really want to learn Hawaiian. It says that it would have launched 09/09/2018 (estimated launch), but it's still at 0%. When it's available, I will definitely start it! :-)


    Does anyone know the status of the Hawaiian language course? It is in the incubator and had a launch date of 9/9/18 but it didn't launch. I am new here, and signed up primarily to learn Hawaiian. Mahalo~Andie


    It looks like it was recently updated with a launch date in October.



    Thanks, Brad. I should have rechecked the incubator before posting.


    But even that date may be overly hopeful.


    It’s a shame none of the newer languages in the incubator write progress updates anymore


    I see where both sides here are coming from. On one (very selfish) side, I'm thrilled. I don't think I would have done 9 Hawaiian skills if a full length tree was released, I maybe would have done 5 at most. Since I'm not actually interested in speaking Hawaiian at this point, it's great for me.

    I hope that these courses will be expanded, with the good publicity these releases brought causing Duolingo to continue investing in them. Maybe this is a new model for these minority languages. Release a "teaser" course, gather support, expand. After all, I really doubt that Navajo would have 30 contributors for this being the end product. Am I being naive? You bet! I hope I'm right, but I'm not sure I would place any money more than $2 on it.

    About the Duo fan boy/girl business, I do fall in that camp. For a while, I used it intensively for French, in preparation for a trip to France. At this point, I've pretty much progressed out of it. The stories are fun, there's vocab in the skills that I can pick up, but it's so much better to watch movies, read books, and talk to French speaking people. For the other languages you see on my profile, these are languages I've played with. My goal was never to be fluent in Hungarian, I just wanted to play around with the language, try it out, get a feel for it. Duolingo has nurtured my love and curiosity with languages.

    In France, I bought a cute, tiny little book, titled something like Learn Breton in 5 minutes a day (in French). Flipping through it, it's basically Duolingo in a book. Heavy on memorizing phrases at the beginning, gets more complicated, not gonna make you fluent. But the thing is, I haven't really used it. But I have used Duolingo more. Maybe it's because I'm lazy. But all I know is that I love Duolingo not because they're perfect and can do no wrong (far from it), but because I can taste languages without learning a new program, or having to deal with a book. It fits my needs.

    I agree that for people looking to really speak Navajo and/or Hawaiian, these courses are disappointments. But many others are excited, not simply because "Duolingo is the best".

    Good luck with your language learning!

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    Since Klingon (of all languages...) was added, I have nothing against a Polynesian language that is actually endangered. I wouldn't actually learn it myself, I'm more of a utilitarian, but the efforts to preserve and document such languages are well worth it in my view.


    Also, I think Hawaiian would be as great of an attraction to Duolingo as Klingon, if not more (think of all the tourists that would flock to learn Hawaiian before their trip, I'm sure they could even outnumber the devoted Trekkies!)

    Not to say I'm against Klingon, but I would think Hawaiian would serve as a more meaningful addition b/c not only will it increase the site's notoriety but it will also empower an existing, dying culture, and that's a win-win in my book. Also, online resources for learning Hawaiian are slim pickings, so Duolingo could capitalize on this lack of competition!


    I personally learn languages because I am interested in the languages themselves, not for the ability to speak with people. I would love to learn Hawaiian and I picked up a grammar when I was last there but I am also very excited about Klingon coming out. :-)


    I also learn languages because they are interesting. Love ti have Duo offer Hawaiian


    How refreshing, Kimberly and Eileen, to hear about people interested in languages because they are fascinating and beautiful, and not learning for commercial reasons. Just a preferential quirk of mine, so have a Lingot each ladies.


    With all due respect... Hawaiian Culture is alive and well. Threatened, maybe... but we have an increasing number of Hawaiian speakers here. The sound of people conversing in Hawaiian is like a slice of heaven.

    [deactivated user]

      I agree. Thousands if not millions of Americans and international visitors go to Hawaii every year and many would be surprised to learn that Hawaii has its own language and that unique-ness of Hawaii compared to other touristy places like California or New York or Florida will generate some curiosity and demand.


      I agree; I think preservation of languages in danger of becoming "lost" is a very worthy goal.


      I completely agree! The idea of a language dying is one of the saddest things in the world to me. Yes, the people who used to speak that language are obviously still communicating using another language but I have found that the more I learn a language the harder it is to translate into my native language due to the nuances that my native language just cannot convey.


      wow 1399 day streak


      Of course I like it, the Hawaiian language is in danger, but Being married to a Fijian, I would also like to see Fijian. Fijian is the most vibrant and multiethnic of all the Oceanic languages as it is not only spoken by Fijians, but also local Indians, Chinese, and Anglo-Fijians.


      Why not both Hawaiian and Fijian? They are distantly related (or not so distantly), and it makes sense to learn both if possible as it might strengthen memory for both in the learner's mind. I personally would love to see both of these languages.


      You're the only person I've seen mention Fijian, but I think it would be a great addition. I am campaigning for Te Reo Maori to be taught on Duolingo, but I think it's important for Pacific languages to still together!

      Let's call Bainamarama! haha Vinaka Vakalevu


      Are we talking Ni‘ihau or Oahu here?


      I thought Hawaiian only had 12 letters? (not including dipthongs, but including the glottal stop)


      I would also love to learn to speak Hawaiian! I'm Canadian but my wife and I were married in Maui in 2009 and just got back from our 5th trip there. How I wish it was easier to live there, I'd drop everything in a heartbeat and move there.


      Hawaiian only has H, K, L, M, N, P, V, and ' as consonants.


      Careful-you may offend thousands of Hawaiians actually learning and speaking the Hawaiian language via immersion schools and within Hawaiian communities and families! Please don't make assumptions and spread incorrect information!


      @MicheleHussey: To whom do you speak?


      Olelo Hawaii has 13 letters- 7 consonants, 5 vowels and the okina. It does have a purpose, to unite kanaka maoli.


      Hawaiian has been experiencing a rebirth since the 1980s . I would love to see duolingo support most of the pacific island languages spoken in the pacific (Tongan, Samoan, Tahitian, and micronesian languages)


      I also started using duolingo to help refresh languages I studied or have used in the past -- Spanish, German, and Japanese ! Let's get as many languages on this site as possible. Great tool for preserving languages used in the world today!


      With all due respect (and given the original post was written three years ago), but the Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters, not 17! Five are vowels (each with a long pronunciation and a short one): A E I Ō and U. Seven are traditional consonants: H, K, L, M, N, P and W, and one is the glottal stop called ʻokina. There is no B and no D in the Hawaiian language, nor is there a T Becky in Hawaiian is “Peke”, David is “Kawika”, (Robert is “Lopaka”) Taro is “kalo”, and “taboo” is “kapu”.


      I like. But I don't like that you say "it has no purpose." Rude...


      I see repeated references to someone having said ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi ‘has no purpose’ or that The Hawaiian culture itself has no value. I’ve now read this entire thread and don’t find any such comment anywhere, only outrage at the implication.

      As a fourth generation kaʻamaina, I absolutely share your outrage at the very thought of either of those comments and at such attitudes! I expect visitors to our islands to treat our precious āina, as well as the ocean and it’s creatures, with respect and and leave with an appreciation for not just their beauty, but the fragility of our island homes. It’s generally to my repeated & everlasting disappointment.

      It seldom happens. They love it here, but not enough to avoid trampling the naupaka that protects the beachfront, or pick up their trash. Learn the language? “Aloha” they get, (if not practice) “Mahalo”, maybe. The rest? They will never understand


      It's not in the replies. It's in the original message way at the very very top. It says "it has no purpose, but it would be fun to learn".


      Ahhh, I see. Dumb remark! All language has purpose and our dear Hawaiian has very special purpose to those of us who live in these islands and cheer every step taken to restore ʻŌlelo Hawai’i along with other aspects of this proud culture and see the land, and ocean protected.

      Mahalo for the clarification.


      YES that would be so awesome!


      It's nice to have Hawaiian offered here. I don't know anywhere else I can learn the language but I almost gave up on this language on Duonlingo a few days ago because it clumps entire sentences into the speech bubbles when I'm just looking for the definition of just a single word in the sentence. Maybe I'm expecting too much from this language course but from my experience of studying other languages on Duolingo, that's normally the way it's done. I'm guessing it's still a new language here so improvements are being made with feedback and time.

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