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Differences between "houd van," "vind het leuk," and "graag"

Hi everyone!

This is something that's been confusing me for a while. What are the parts of speech of these three words/phrases and when are the most applicable times to use each? It seems to me "houd van" and "vind __ leuk" are pretty interchangeable, is that correct? And "graag" seems to be used with a verb. I also usually get confused as to where these words/phrases are supposed to be in the sentence.

If someone could explain this to me (examples would be great!) I'd much appreciate it.

P.S. This isn't directly related to the question, but I also get confused about the conjugation of "houd van." It seems first person singular is "houd," and there's a "houdt" somewhere that trips me up, and is plural "houden"...? I probably just missed this somewhere, but if someone could set me straight on this, too, that'd be great. :)

April 21, 2015



Basically "leuk vinden" means to like something, or in other words, to "think/find (nl: vind) something is nice/fun/enjoyable".

"houden van" can have a more affectionate meaning: "to be fond of", "to like", "to love". These would also be the words of choice when expressing your love to someone.

"Graag" is as you said used with verbs "Enjoy doing__".


Oppikoppi is correct. :)
Also, the conjugation of the verb 'houden van' is:

  • Ik houd van (or 'ik hou van')
  • Jij houdt van
  • Hij/zij/het houdt van
  • U houdt van
  • Wij houden van
  • Jullie houden van
  • Zij houden van (plural)



Houd jij van..?

No worries though, all other forms remain the same when in front of the subject.

Non-Dutch speakers are by far not the only ones who experience difficulty with verb conjugation. Many Dutch people make mistakes as well.


On top of that, in spoken language the d will most often be dropped. "Hou je van...?" just like "Ik hou van..."


So it essentially the same as the other basic verbs? Okay, got it. For some reason I thought it was different. Thanks!


Yep, it's the same!

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