"The furniture is big."

Translation:Os móveis são grandes.

September 14, 2013

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How do I know if it's plural or singular? In English the furniture can be both. The suggestion said it as plural and was marked incorrect


If the sentence is in the singular, the translation should maintain agreement and remain in the singular. The furniture is large. (is / are; are / are)


The furniture is big.


Furniture is uncountable, you can't say the furnitures are big, or the furniture are big. Only, the furniture is big.


I would like to know why the answer uses 'sao' for 'is'


Because in Portuguese this sentence is plural.


I wrote "os moveis estao grandes "and it was marked incorrect. Can anyone explain why?


os móveis são grandes. I think they want you to use ser rather than estar.


The English word "furniture" is singular (requires singular agreement), but can refer to "a" collection of things.

Portuguese has a word that refers to a single piece of furniture and can be made plural to refer to multiple pieces of furniture. Strange but.... Is "a mobilia" a collection of pieces of furniture? What is "as mobilias"?


Furniture can be either singular or plural in English.


As a native English speaker, for singular I would always say "piece of furniture", which Duolingo accepts. If I say or hear just "furniture" in a sentence, it implies plural.


I would like to know why the answer uses são for is??!!


There are some words in English that are the same in both the singular and the plural form. For example furniture, knowledge and information. In English these words are treated as collectves and have a singular agreement. Portuguese has a singular form and a plural form for these words so the verb has to agree. Some examples Furniture is - movél é, móveis são Information is - informação é, informações são Knowledge is - conhecimento é, conhecimentos são.

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