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Search engine result: suppress multiple occurrences.

When you search a discussion through the search engine, it happens many time that it lists several time the same discussion (e.g. try to search hackathon). This behaviour makes the list bigger than it should/could be, and consequently discourage users to check the listed discussions to see if their questions isn't already answered.
It's due to the fact that if the searched word/'group of words'/... appears several time in a discussion, the search engine will return, in the list, one item for each appearance.

It would be great if there was some kind of filter in the search engine that eliminate duplicate in the returned list of discussions.
With this maybe users will find more easily what they're looking for and so not asking again an already asked question... ;)

September 14, 2013



Wondering who would down-vote this without explaining why...

EDIT (explaining kaiengle's post) : can changed for would.


Ok, sorry: "who would". Corrected. Thanks for the report.

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