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Suggestion: Suggestion Box!

I don't know if it's already been considered, but a suggestion box would be amazing.

I've been using Bliu Bliu, a different language learning site that you can check out. I won't explain it here. On their site there is a dedicated feedback section, where users can enter suggestions or issues. The great thing about it is that while typing your post title, matches for existing suggestions show up on the side. I saw that my suggestion wasn't already there, and felt comfortable posting a new one. Everyone here can see how that would be an improvement, I'm sure.

Website support could then respond and label suggestions as under review, planned, started, completed, or declined. Other users could vote for suggestions.

I think this would clean up the discussion section as well. Less suggestions and more discussion. I mean, looking at the discussion section, that's primarily how it's being used isn't it?


September 14, 2013



Thats a great idea! so the duolingo team sees everyone's sugestions great idea!


I wish they'd make one as well! :) I'm loving this site so far, and my German is getting better bit by bit. However, I wish they could offer a few more languages like Japanese, Danish, Korean, and Russian - just to name a few. c:


Unfortunately many people do not use search function before posting a new discussion so that thing when the post title is actually also a search engine could be helpful.

For issues we have troubleshooting section, but I agree there should be a suggestion section as well. That section should also be divided into some categories (Immersion, Mobile, New option,....)


There is already a dedicated Support button on the left of every page, see <-. Though, most people currently use the General Section or the Troubleshooting Section of the Discussion area for Feedbacks; it would be good if these were collected into a Feedback Section instead. The omnisearch while typing the title though, the whole discussion area could definitely benefit from that, not just the Feedback Section.


Yes the discussion area would definitely benefit from the omnisearch thing. There have been more discussions than I can count about new languages... I also like kaiengle's idea of the thing where the duo team can say whether an idea is in development etc. :)


I encourage you guys to check out how this site does it, as it's where I saw all of these options: https://bliubliu.uservoice.com/forums/202938-general/filters/top

Notice the filters for hot, top, and new as well the ability to sort by status, or check your own feedback.

Also in addition to voting for suggestions, users can comment on them.


I agree this would be a good idea as I am guilty myself of sometimes not searching first.


I just left a suggestion in the support- message section, as I've only just started using this site and don't know how it works. Good to read all the ideas and feedback, put the suggestion box next to the support button...


I second the motion- The support feature is very handy, although not prominent enough IMO, as I didn't even see it until I read this discussion. Besides, it would be great if we had confirmation that our ideas are being received by those who run the site, as sometimes I feel like posting ideas or suggestions on the discussion page is the online equivalent to putting a message in a bottle....


I second the motion. Oh, how I wish there were better, more general communication for the Immersion. How much more efficient it would be if basic errors could be put right without having to repeatedly "edit" something just to have it pop up again and again. That tiny box for comments is not enough. I have sometimes resorted to contacting translators on their stream. And I am happy to say the replies have been very positive.

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