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"Is Amerika groter dan Europa?"

Translation:Is America larger than Europe?

April 21, 2015



Is America supposed to be the continent or the country here? Because in general we call the continent "the Americas" to avoid confusion with the US.


In my experience the word 'Amerika' is ambigous, although usually the US is meant. Most of the time it is clear from the context.


Exactly as in English then.


US is "VS" - "Verenigde Staten van Amerika" so Amerika must be a continent but it is often used interchangeably.


Does it mean USA, North or South America? This is just as bad as disallowing Holland to be used interchangeably with the NL which I never use.


Don't most people exclusively refer to USA when saying "america" colloquioally?


It's not colloquial, using American in terms of the US is the first definition in the Oxford World/British dictionary (and of course Merriam-Webster). It's very likely that it used to be colloquial though.

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