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Duolingo wish list

  • Create a general Ranking by levels and skill points
  • Create a page of Duolingo Status with data like Number of users, and documents translated
  • Create a section wherein i can see all the discussion i have created on Duolingo
  • Create a Shortcut in The End of the german tree in the case you are an expert in the language with a very hard test.
  • Create an master Shortcut on all languages sections with the intention of master a set of skills in one time.
  • Create partnership Shvoong for the publication and disclosing of completely translated articles. Thank you Duolingo staff.
  • Solve the problem of words left behind on Duolingo's lessons.
December 22, 2012



I agree with most of these. But one thing: you have some grammar errors in some, like "you is an expert."


Have a native English speaker work on/review the all exercise in the Spanish/English lessons.


Thank you. I got this now. I fixed my error.


What do you think about the left behind words on Duolingo lessons?

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