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Typing the 'ş' on Android

Merhaba! I was in for a pleasant surprise this morning when I saw that my Android app now had Turkish! Yay! But as I was doing one of the lessons, and I had to type the 'ş' in the answer, I couldn't find it anywhere on the android keyboard :( :( Anyone know where to find it?

April 21, 2015



I went to: Settings - Controls - Language and input - Google keyboard - Settings (cogwheel) - Languages - Active input methods ... and added Turkish.

My onscreen keyboard also has a shortcut to the Google keyboard part of that, a circular symbol to the left of the space bar (probably meant to look like a globe).


I have an iOS and I couldn't find the ş character on my English (US) keyboard, I had to go into my settings and add a Turkish keyboard.


Sometimes, if you hold down on the "s," more options will show up. This is true at least on my Samsung Galaxy III Mini


That's true. But the iOS English keyboard only shows š, ß and ś when you hold down on it. So there's no option but to add a Turkish keyboard :(


Silly iOS. They need to understand that Duolingo-ers have NEEDS! :)

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I always add different keyboards for languages on Android because the mapping is usually a bit more convenient. The special characters you need are easier to access (e.g., the ı/I and i/İ — didn't see them on the English keyboard, anyway). :)

edit better example: Spanish: you have the ñ directly as a key.



Teşekkürler! I'll try that (adding Turkish). I'm having trouble finding the 'ı/I' too on the English keyboard. I did try holding down the s key to check, but all I get is the beta symbol.

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