"Soy un oso."

December 22, 2012


I'm really starting to like these animal sentences. "I am a bear... We are turtles..."

December 29, 2012

Me too, as silly as most of them are, when I'm translating them I really find myself thinking about whether they're correct or not... as opposed to just having some basic sentences stored in my mind.

Well, maybe.. but I'm smarter than the average bear!

So what does "Soy oso grylls" mean?

It means you drink your own piss

out of a snake carcass

I am Bear Grylls. Borne surviver! lol

I'm seriously so happy that duolingo exists. I'm having a silly good time.

The spider eats bread? The crab drinks water?

It's in your pantry eating your bread muahahahaaa

in my case it was crab drinking milk :P

But I thought I was a penguin... :( Can't I be both?!

i thought i was too T__T

You can be both!

I am sure this will be useful vocabulary. I can't wait to go to Spain and tell people I'm a bear.

These just get better and better

I'm just excited that I'm getting some right!

I find this sentence to be very accurate.

Oh, I'm a gummy bear. Yes I'm a gummy bear....

It knows me so well.

i am special agent oso

Turtle bear clan!!


While basking in the glory of getting a question correct on the last shortcut, I pondered as to why they gave such an easy question in a section designed for a true spanish scholar.

Ok so my brothers nickname is oso so he could say this :)

-says Yogi, carrying a picnic basket...

We are not bear or turtles. Will it be updated on the right way?

We are bears you silly cub.

I am a cat or a penguin.. DEFINITELY not a bear. XD

There was actually a guy in my dorm that was called "Bear," for obvious reasons of course.

It's so funny. :D Well maybe I can be a bear in another life but not in this one... Meanwhile I wonder if women call some men as a bear in spanish.

These sentences are ridiculous. If I am going to take the time to learn Spanish, I want to learn practical sentences.

Think of it as learning the language, not sentences. Language practise is equally useful regardless of how much sense the sentences make: You're learning the words and how to string them together, rather than entire phrases whose internal structure you don't grasp.

Try to stick with the program! These tools are to help you get started, but it is up to you to make the best of what you're given to improve yourself. Don't give up because these sentences seem "silly." This is a super great website and it really does work. Keep up your awesome work and it will pay off.

Yo no un oso

i'm a yogi bear !!


And I thought I am a whole life was a lie! D:

ROAR RAWWR!. Translation: I AM NOT A BEAR!!!!!!

I asserted a few sentences ago that we're all turtles. Who's going to believe me now?

I AM SO CONFUSED. I used to be a turtle along with some other random people, then i became a penguin, and now i am a BEAR! Those animals aren't even in the same family!

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