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"Oibrím mar fheirmeoir san iarthar."

Translation:I work as a farmer in the west.

April 21, 2015



Pronunciation-wise, what's the difference in how you pronounce "oirthear" vs "iarthar"? I went to teanglann.ie to have a listen, and unfortunately, they only have the pronunciation of "oirthear", but not "irthear". So I went to forvo. It sounds to my ears that "oirthear" in the munster pronunciation (on teanglann) sounds the same as "irthear" (although the connemara and ulster pronunciations of "oirthear" sound different.) But then, I'm not sure if all the forvo pronunciations are good or not. Can anyone help with this, so I can tell my "iarthar" from my "oirthear"?

What I'm getting is that I think "iarthar" is sort of like "ear her", whereas "oirthear" is more like "air her."


'mar'? im'fheirmeoir isdócha [isdóighe], droch-Ghaoluinn abea?? An chiall le 'mar' sa frása seo ná go aisteoireacht cosúil le feirmeoireacht a mbíonn ag tárlú, 'like a farmer' seachcas 'as a farmer' ???


Cheap mise go raibh sé ceart go leor ach ní cainteoir dúchais mé. Ba bhrea liom é sin a fháil amach freisin

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"san iarthar" but "in oirthear"?

  • san oirthear = “in the east”;
  • in oirthear = anóirthear = “the day after tomorrow”.

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Funny. Thanks. Does "in iarthar" also means something else than "san iarthar"?


It can be used to mean “back” or “remote”, e.g. in iarthar an tí (“at the back of the house”), in iarthar dúiche (“in a remote part of the district”).


Are' san iarthar' and 'thiar' equivalent?


They can be, but thiar has more meanings than just “(in the) west”.

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