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"Che cosa vogliono sul territorio?"

Translation:What do they want on the territory?

September 15, 2013



How does this translate, really, into English? "What do they want on the territory?" doesn't make any sense to me.


As Italian, I can only say that this phrase out of context sounds abstract for me too!


This is the best comment in here.

Before coming to this particular discussion, I'd already decided that this was just one of those sentences we come across in DL which goes into the sezione matta "Crazy section", because that's where you will end up if you try to make sense out of it.


In the region or in the area would make more sense.


The only thing I could think of is researchers (scientists, travel agents, etc.) asking "What kind of information do they want on this region?"


Or if you had to write a paper about the territory, you might ask, "But what do they want on the territory?" I observe that su does mean "on" in the sense of "about".


I have an uneasy feeling that this means something entirely different though.


See my post, below, Greg. French has the same problem. Have you run into it there?


I've just recently passed the French lesson that introduced territoire but I haven't seen the counterpart to this sentence yet. I'll watch for it.


In English the "they" could also refer to the people living on the territory. What do THEY want? But in that case maybe the Italian would be "Che cosa vogliono quelli sul territorio?" But could the given Italian sentence also have that meaning?


Mustard, pickles, ketchup and relish


Agreed. On sounds silly


All sounds a bit Wild West to me.


That's because it doesn't.;-)


Agreed. It is nonsense unless we are talking about Native American territories? Not much call for those either in England or Italy, methinks. "In the region" makes some sense, but is rejected. Reported 21.12.14


"what do they want on the region?" but it's not accepted


"Territorio" is primarily a region, a geographical or governmental area, but it also has the sense of "a tract of land." That is possibly what causes Italian to prefer "su" rather than "in." The question "What do you want on the tract (houses or green space)?" could make sense in English.

BUT the English word "territory" does not have this same sense. It is always a region. If Duo wants to use that word to translate "territorio" it can not use "on." It must be "in." If it insists on "on," it can not use "territory."

Report it.


I think in English it's far better to say 'in the territory' than 'on the territory'


I don't think I would ever need to say this sentence in English, no matter how you put it...


I agree and I marked it as the English being wrong and awkward. English is pretty consstent about using "in" for locations.


There is a similar phrase I have seen: "sulle isole" (on the islands). English would normally use "in" (we enjoyed being in the islands - a geographic location), but "on the islands" is possible (we camped on the islands - delimited pieces of land). Italian apparently doesn't make this kind of distinction, at least in the case of "territorio." Just one more thing to learn about differences in the two languages.

This is not a good English translation.


best would be "what do they want with the region?" but it doesn't work... I'm corrected that "with" is wrong. You can't say on in English.


agree - that's the only sense I could make of it in any sort of usage so I put "from" the territory region in the sense of someone extracting some advantage/gain from it - but marked wrong - DL needs to look at this one.


If "region" is not going to be accepted, then it should NOT be given as an option. I mean is there really a difference between "land," "territory," and "region"?


Vielleicht nicht auf Deutsch. Das Land ist doch das Land. Aber es gibt "die Gebiet" und "das Raum" und so weiter. (Und "zu Land" heißt "BY land," nicht wahr?) In English there are similar (but not the same) slight differences in "land," territory," and "region," and in all languages prepositions are difficult.

I agree that "false options" should not be offered, especially if they are perfectly legitimate, like this one. Our recourse is to report this sort of mistake. It should be corrected eventually.


"What do they want on the land" is accepted.


Does anyone know if they check these sentences through native speakers? Sometimes it seems as if a non English speaking person had written these.


Speaking as a native speaker of British English, I am certain that they don't! It is intensely frustrating, having poor English thrust upon me and often being told I do not know my own language.


Yes, either that or google translator....


Maybe territorio is a type of sandwich???


Eluzie: Only if the territory under consideration is part of the Sandwich Islands.


Crap sentence.


Maybr they are playing Risk.


I think it's like, "What do you want on your pizza?"


Could it be "what do they want in the region"?


Another of those sentences that don't make sense in English!


Want was not one of the options to choose


Tipico commento nazionalista : l


The English makes no sense here


Doesn't accept want as a possible translation for vogliono.

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