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Esta, este, esto.....

When to use each...

I believe the following: estoy is singular (Yo)? Estan is used for "We" or "Our" plural sentences (nosotros)? I am guessing based on the phonetic sound and getting them right most of the time but I would like to be certain and if anyone can provide an insight that would help.

May 13, 2012



You are talking about two different things:

  • Verbo estar:

Yo estoy.

Tú estás.

Él / ella / usted está.

Nosotros estamos.

Vosotros estáis.

Ellos / ustedes están.

The words of the subject are different. Esta, este and esto are demostratives ("this" in different genders and as a subject).

Esto is always a noun and it is used alone when refering to inanimated objects or ideas. "Esto es inútil" -> "This is useless", "Esto no es lo que me dijiste" -> "This is not what you told me".

Este and esta can be wether nouns (in this case should be accented) and be used alone: "Ésta no es mi bicicleta" (bicycle is a feminine noun) -> "This is not my bike", "Éste volvió pronto" -> "[He/This one] came back soon".

Or adjectives (not accented): "Este hombre es español" -> "This man is Spanish", "Esta casa es roja" (house is a feminine noun) -> "This house is red".

I hope this helps!


thank you - it helps a lot - esta and este (feminine and masculine) and esto referring to objects disregarding subjects femininity or masculinity.

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