December 22, 2012


What is this? When in a real world situation would I use that?

Could this be used to cite something someone said? Like a quotation?

@sunaj: so kind of like a limit/requirement?

@steinhoj .... now i see that i made mistake ...

What i wrote last is "quota" and this is like limit or requirement .. But Qoute is like "cite"

The first question was ...what is this? And the answer: quote is for example when you are using in your work (for example blog) the sentence from other authors.... you must use " " and write source under line ... this ist quote

Quote also means percent, proportion I think. Real world situation: Think of a student who didn't do his homework about percent, proportion and hopes that problems about them will not appear in exam. He opens his test in the examination and says "Quote!".

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