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  5. "You are coming in September."

"You are coming in September."

Translation:Eylülde geliyorsun.

April 21, 2015



Does this have the same "September might be a long way in the future" implication in Turkish that it does in English?


I was translating from English, and when I clicked on "in September," it said it was "Eylül'e," so naturally, I put that, thinking it made sense, and I got it wrong! Can someone please explain what Eylül'e even is? Thanks :)


"eylül'e" is dative, and it is a hint for "september" (not "in september"), as september could mean "eylüle" depending on the sentence. Hints are not sentence specific.


Oh, ok. Thanks. I had a hunch that the hints weren't sentence specific, but then for some of them the hints were right (maybe because the sentence allowed for it), and I got confused. Teşekkür ederim for clearing that up!


I don't see why the answer couldn't also use the future tense.


Why is it that some of the month are different like, you are coming in April "nisan ayında geliyorsun"


Eylül ayda geliyorsun ... should be accepted.. D mi?


Why "Eylül'de geliyorsun." is wrong? Eylül is a proper noun and should be separated by (') from de.

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