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  5. "Vad säger du?"

"Vad säger du?"

Translation:What are you saying?

April 21, 2015



Can this also refer to the English expression 'What do you say?' as in 'Do you want to do this'


Yup, that'll work.


Can it be used if someone's talking about something bad? Like, say your friend Bob is saying mean things about this one kid, and you like that kid?

I donct think that made sense...


You mean like "What did you say?!" perhaps? Like in English, that'll work for past tense, but not really for the present.


Okay. Tack sã mycket!


Weird question. In the 3rd Lord of the Rings when Aragorn asks the ghosts "What say you?" would he be saying "vad säger er?" or is it some other translation?


I like how learning svenska recalls old and archaic English to me :)

[deactivated user]

    I thought that too! I almost put down "what say you." I love lotr


    I did and it was accepted, too! :D


    How would I say What did you say, such as "What did you just say to me" when I am given an insult.


    Vad sade du?!, note that the -de in sade is silent.


    When my swedish friends say what sounds like " Vad sa du?" they are saying what did you say? so past tense? and " vad säger du?" is present , what are you saying? correct?


    Yep, exactly.


    Lexin app pronounces "sade" "såde"!! Where to find a trusted source for swedish words pronunciation?


    I've just installed forvo app... And try the pronunciation of "sade" there is two: "sa" and "såde"


    Hehe, well, crap. Forvo is usually great but in this case there appears to be someone who recorded the very non-standard full pronunciation. :)


    Säger vad igen. Jag vägar du!


    I'm afraid vågar doesn't work like that in Swedish, we have the "do you dare to x?" sense but not the "I dare you to x" one. There's no good equivalent, really. Also, note the å, your version means "I roads you!" :)


    The most used phrase in Malmö, but is "vad sar du?"


    can I use this as a greeting?


    This one closely corresponds to the German translation. [i]Was sagst du?[/i]


    Ja, das stimmt. Ob man deutsch sprechen können, kann man viele Ähnlichkeiten mit schwedisch finden. :)


    To anyone who is fluent in Swedish and German: Does "Vad säger du?" correspond "Was meinst du?" or with "Was sagst du?"? "Was sagst du?" seems like a very unnatural sentence to me, and "Was meinst du?" corresponds both English translations of "Vad säger du?", "What do you say?" (as in asking someone's opinion) and "What are you saying?" (as in expressing confusion/suspicion about something someone said). Is that the actual Swedish-German translation and if yes, does "säger" always mean "meinen" or is this just a special case? Tack!


    You're definitely on the right track. Usually, säga means sagen, but in this case it's much more likely that meinen is meant - so it works basically the same way as in both languages (and in English).


    You can use both "Was sagst du?" and "Was meinst du?" in German. The first one is not unnatural at all. Note, however, that in this case you'll want to stress the "du". Stressing the "Was" or "sagst" would indeed sound unnatural.


    What is the difference between säger and pratar ?


    Basically the same as between "say" and "talk".


    How do I say like "what are you talking about " if I give a try " Vad pratar du om?" Is this sentence correct and another sentence like how do say in Swedish when you want to figure out what someone is talking about and you didn't get like in English "what are you trying to say" someone help me with these two sentences


    That's perfect. :)


    Why doesn't it also translate to "What did you say?"


    "Säger" is the present tense form of saying, the past tense is "sade". "What did you say" would be "vad sade du".


    Is 'What can you say' correct in this instance too?


    No, that doesn't work.


    Why is it "Vad säger du" and not (Vad säger dig)


    du is to dig as "he" is to "him". English uses "you" for both forms, so it's less obvious, but vad säger dig? would be like "what does him say?" in English.

    [deactivated user]

      Sager is pronounce like seyer?


      Yes, that's a fairly decent approximation.


      can this be used for what are you saying like what are you talking about


      Duo accepted "What say you?" but I believe that question means something different from "What are you saying?" My understanding about the first is that it solicits an opinion about something, like "I think the Mets are going to win this season, what say you?" Also, in the 'vad säger du' sense, would this be like "What do you mean?" in Americanish?

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