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  5. "Benim kız kardeşim yok."

"Benim kız kardeşim yok."

Translation:I do not have sisters.

April 21, 2015



am I the only one who thinks that 'Kim Kardashian' is an easy way to remember sister?


Hahaha! That was hilarious! Thanks, it made remembering it so much easier.


i also initially thought it was funny that "kardeş" means sibling, because of all the Kardashian siblings :D


No! I too!))


She is of Armenian ancestry & maybe her family tree dating back hundreds of years had Turkish names. Her lineage will have Turkish names even before WWI.


I think "Benim kız kardeşim yok" is saying "I do not have younger sisters" It could be that I have an elder sister so. Am I right? If somebody asks me "Senin kız kardeşin var mi? what would I have to answer? Is the meaning of this question general, I mean "Do you have any sister" or is the meaning really "Do you haver younger sisters". Please can anybody clarify this for me.


what if i want to say that "i do not have sister"


"Benim kız kardeşim yok." Translation: I do not have sisters.

Why use a (singular) question with a (plural) answer?

kardeşim - (singular)

kardeşlerim - (plural)

"Benim kız kardeşim yok." Translation: I do not have a sister.

Bunlar benim kardeşlerim - these are my siblings.


Why is ''I do not have a little sister'' wrong? I am Turkish myself and think that it should be right, for kardes is a 'younger sibling'.


We just didn't include "little" as an alternate translation. We had already accepted "younger" but I have added it.


So should you say "Benim ablam ve kız kardeşim yok." to say you don't have any sisters, is this a normal thing to say in Turkish?

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