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  5. "Benim kız kardeşim yok."

"Benim kız kardeşim yok."

Translation:I do not have sisters.

April 21, 2015



am I the only one who thinks that 'Kim Kardashian' is an easy way to remember sister?


i also initially thought it was funny that "kardeş" means sibling, because of all the Kardashian siblings :D


She is of Armenian ancestry & maybe her family tree dating back hundreds of years had Turkish names. Her lineage will have Turkish names even before WWI.


Hahaha! That was hilarious! Thanks, it made remembering it so much easier.


No! I too!))


"Benim kız kardeşim yok." Translation: I do not have sisters.

Why use a (singular) question with a (plural) answer?

kardeşim - (singular)

kardeşlerim - (plural)

"Benim kız kardeşim yok." Translation: I do not have a sister.

Bunlar benim kardeşlerim - these are my siblings.


I have same problem


I think "Benim kız kardeşim yok" is saying "I do not have younger sisters" It could be that I have an elder sister so. Am I right? If somebody asks me "Senin kız kardeşin var mi? what would I have to answer? Is the meaning of this question general, I mean "Do you have any sister" or is the meaning really "Do you haver younger sisters". Please can anybody clarify this for me.


what if i want to say that "i do not have sister"


"Benim bir kiz kardeşim yok" would be "I do not have a sister" I believe.

'I do not have sister' doesn't really make sense in English so I'm not sure how it would be translated


What indicates sister is plural? I'm used to seeing ler/lar for plurals. Thanks!

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