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"Pigens læber er som lyserøde roser."

Translation:The girl's lips are like pink roses.

April 21, 2015



A little cultural comment.
My now 50-year old son was born in the US, but we moved back to Denmark when he was 2. We would often buy clothes for the children when we visited my parents.
At that time red was very popular for boys clothing in the US, because it's a strong color. (Most of my childhood dresses were light blue!)
But he got teased when he wore his red jackets to school, because red, not just lyserød was considered girl's color.
In Denmark, most everything came in blue of all shades for boys and red for girls. (Hot-)pink and purple weren't as popular then as now.


Not quite sure how to take this one...


Take it with a rose-pink smile. :)


Awww forsøger Duo at imponere nogen? <3


By the way, Danish pink is English hot pink.

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