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Word Sort by Strength Only

Is there a way to sort the vocabulary word list by strength only? For example: All 1-bar words,then the 2-bar words, etc. My list is getting very long, which is a good thing, but, being the ordered task person I am, I would like to start by reviewing all the 1 bar words and then move on to 2-bar words, etc.

When one selects Practice Weakest Words, how does Duo determine your weakest words? The explanation of the number of bars doesn't say the words are weak or weaker but rather overdue or needs practice....to 4-bar words which are considered strong.. Is overdue the same a 1-bar?

Thanks for any insight or suggestion you may have on how to single out the 1-barrers!

September 15, 2013

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To order by Strength, just click (one or two times) on the column name "Strength". You'll see some bar that seem no to be ordered but if you look closely that bars corresponding to different entries (conjugation, fem./masc./plural, ...) of the same word. And since when practicing a word, you practice all the different entries, that's not a problem.

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