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Has anyone noticed that there are less translations excercises on the app?

There are less and less translation excercises and more and more pick the picture and pick the correct pair excercises. When Duolingo does give you a sentence to translate, it's basically a single word with the article. I'm very disappointed because I'm not being challenged.

April 22, 2015



I've noticed that too--it's an attempt to limit the amount of writing you do on those tiny tiny keyboards.

Sometimes if you rotate the device, it changes from "build the sentence using these words" to "write the sentence" questions. I assume rotating won't change the "pick the picture" or "pick the pairs," but it's a handy trick nonetheless.


No, build the sentence using these words excercises are translation excercises too, but there are less and less of those.


In any case, in the last release notes for iOS, there was a bullet about additional question types to limit the typing required.


Yes. I hate the app. Its interface is nice, but the exercises are very weak. I stopped using it when the introduced the "matching pairs" exercises.


Can't you use the mobile website?


Yes, that's what I do, but it doesn't work as well as on the desktop. Screen doesn't scale, you can't easily work in immersion, etc.

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