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  5. "An Gorta Mór."

"An Gorta Mór."

Translation:The Great Famine.

April 22, 2015



Most Irish people call it "The Famine" in English, I think this should be an acceptable translation.


Hey, I’m Ukrainian by heritage, we had one of those too! Maybe that was one of the reasons I got my Irish phase back in high school~


The first time I heard about Holodomor, it brought to mind the Great Famine, too.


tha famine was caused by the british, we didnt only eat potatoes lean leabhar :)


Why not "The Big Famine." ?


I imagine it's because it is a proper noun and refers specifically to the famine of 1845-1849. If it were in lowercase, an gorta mór, and referred to some famine that happened to be large, then I'd think it would be reasonable to translate it as "the big famine".

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