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Japanese Lesson 27: Clothing Part 2

Yesterday felt kind of rushed. Sorry about that. My back hurt so I sort of rushed through.


Pants: Zubon: ズボン

Clothes: Fuku: ふく: 服

Suit: Su-tsu: スーツ

Hat: Boushi: ぼうし: 帽子

Wear (on head): Kaburu: かぶる: 被る

a few/some/several: Ikutsuka: いくつか


Our clothes.
Watashi tachi no fuku.
わたし たち の ふく。

I have hats.
Watashi wa boushi o motteimasu.
わたし は ぼうし を もっています。

My clothes, my hats, my dresses.
Watashi no fuku, watashi no boushi, watashi no doresu.
わたし の ふく、 わたし の ぼうし、 わたし の ドレス。

We have some pants.
Watashi tachi wa ikutsuka no zubon o motteimasu.
わたし たち は いくつか の ズボン を もっています。

I have your suit.
Watashi wa anata no su-tsu o motteimasu.
わたし は あなた の スーツ を もっています。

She wears pants.
Kanojo wa zubon o hakimasu.
かのじょ は ズボン を はきます。

He wears a suit.
Kare wa su-tsu o kimasu.
かれ は スーツ を きます。

I have some clothes.
Watashi wa ikutsuka fuku o motteimasu.
わたし は いくつか ふく を もっています。

You wear a hat.
Anata wa boushi o kaburimasu.
あなた は ぼうし を かぶります。

:3 and that looks like that's it for this section. That was pretty easy.

Next we start on verbs! ^_^ Which means well finally be learning continuing action form!! And you'll understand "motteimasu" 「持っています」 and "katteimasu" 「飼っています」 to the fullest!

See you then!

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April 22, 2015



So you went over three important verbs for clothing. But there is still three more which I would consider important They are situational but it is enough to have its own mini lesson on. つけます which pretty much means to wear anything that you would fasten. It would be used for watches, bracelets, necklaces, belts, ect. Then there is かけます for wearing/putting on glasses, and いれます for wearing/putting on contacts, it pretty much means insertion for putting something on your eye. So some example sentences would be like ベルトをつけます I wear a belt/I put on a belt. or うでどけいをつけます I wear/put on a watch. めがねをかけます for I wear/put on glasses and lastly コンタクトをいれます for I put in/wear contacts.


Just wondering, would wearing a necklace be considered "被る", "着る", or some other verb?


There is actually a specific verb for things that you fasten such as belts, watches, and I would imagine necklaces. I apologize that the verb recedes me at the moment. But just look it up and I am sure you will find something.


We have some pants. Watashi tachi wa ikutsuka no zubon o motteimasu. わたし たち は いくつか の ズボン を もっています。 私達はいくつかのズボンを持っています。

私たちは ズボン を 幾つか 持っています。 の方が自然です。


わたし たち は ずぼん を なんちゃく か もっています。

”いくつかの”は いくつかの問題 いくつかの石 いくつかの場面 いくつかの国 いくつかの例

など、たくさん あるもの のうち の 何個か をさします。

「私はズボンをもっています。その うち いくつか(何着か) は半ズボンです。」



Why in sentence 'We have some pants' particle の were used, but in 'I have some clothes' were ommited? Does it have any grammar explanation?

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