I am sure you are inundated with people asking for 'minority' languages, but would you please consider Welsh, as I notice you already teach Irish - I believe (wait for torrent of abuse)Welsh is more widely spoken !

April 22, 2015


This all depends on Volunteers to contribute to creating courses. If you know anyone who speaks Welsh and English or any other languages, please send them to volunteer here:

I can't find a welsh option in the incubator :(
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It's coming very soon :-)

Clywch! clywch! I know a great number of people who wish to learn Welsh, and duolingo would certainly be a great platform to teach it. I'm sure there's a number of us who would be willing to contribute.

Also agree with this and would be happy to contribute! :) Rydw i'n cytuno efo hyn ac mi fuaswn i'n hapus i gyfrannu :)

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