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Ora è il giorno, grazie mille a tutti

I have completed the Italian tree today, after 94 days of great learning. I want to thank Duolingo and all of you in such a great community I found here. I will continue to polish my tree and to work more in Immersion. And as I am not native in English as well, this has been always a great learning experience for me in both of the languages.

I have started to learn Italian through the standard method of participating in a class in September last year, and discovered Duolingo in January as a great addition to my learning.

There are two things I never really quite understood.

  1. How can I reasonably use the lingots

  2. How does Duolingo determine which lessons need to strengthen, and also how are the XP awarded for this activity. The reason I mention it is that last Sunday, when I opened Duo to do my "lazy" Sunday progress, I found 15 skills waiting to be strengthened. And while working on it, I noticed, that I sometimes get 10XPs and sometimes as little as 6 XPs for completing the activity.

And by the way, I have purchased the Streak Freeze in the Lingot Store for my first few lingots on day 4, and I have never used it...

Looking forward to seeing you all around. Thanks, Robin

April 22, 2015



Did you mean "Oggi è il giorno" or did you actually mean to say "NOW is the day"?


I wanted to say "Now is the day" but thinking again about your question, Oggi è il giorno would make probably more sense. Thanks, I will never stop learning :-)


Ha! Agreed. Congrats on finishing the tree, I am "only" about 6 months behind you .... ;)


congrats on finishing your tree, and whats even more impressive is that you never used streak freeze..



Well done on completing your tree, especially as English isn't a native language for you. Quite an achievement. By the way, I did the same with my Streak Freeze; I'm still waiting to use it. I also spent some lingots on the bonus lessons. Apart from that I haven't spent any and have accumulated 2519 to date.


Complimenti ... I use lingots to unlocked some special lessons, only that, and i hope i'll never have to buy or use Streak Freeze :)

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