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Politics section: missing words

I just completed the politics section, and the following words that were in the lesson list never appeared in the lessons:

yasa, oy, rüşvet, iddia, devlet.

I don't know if it is from a technical problem or chance.

April 22, 2015



Maybe it's a chance cause sometimes they ask the same question many times so I can't learn very well some words and you only have to learn five words it's not a big deal. Do you know their signification? If you don't I can help you


I already know these words from having self-studied Turkish, so it's no issue for me. It could hurt a new learner to miss so many words in a lesson, to not even see them once, that's why I wanted to report the fact that you could advance without seeing some key words.


ok yes you are right I going to watch the words


that's weird, did you "test out" ?


Not on this, I did every lesson. Judging from sainio's comment, I guess it's just random, and since I breezed through I just chanced out on missing those words.


Sometimes it's weird which words you get and don't get. A couple of people in one of the other language forums hypothesized that some of this is because they were getting through the exercises in 17 or 20 questions, and Duolingo takes longer than that to show you everything. However, I suspect that the issue isn't limited to people who get through sections really easily: I was taking a whole lot more than 20 questions to get through most of the Turkish exercises, and I'd still see some sentences over and over, and not see others. In the politics section, I've gotten rüşvet a lot, but I don't think I saw yasa or oy until about the second or third time I went back to refresh the skill, and I don't remember seeing iddia or devlet at all (I just had to run them through Google Translate to find out what they were).

EDIT: Ha! I just went back to review the politics lesson, and was treated to lots (and lots) of "iddia" and "devlet." Apparently the Duolingo randomizer was listening..... =)


Perhaps "milletvekili" should be added.


Ah actually it just came up in a question although it was not in the list of words.

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