"Der Hund bringt den Vogel."

Translation:The dog delivers the bird.

December 22, 2012

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I think "the dog brings the bird" is correct although it was was marked wrong


Why does der Vogel change to den Vogel? I'm confused when to use der and when den,


Nominative (der) is used for the person or thing performing the action - the subject of the sentence. Accusative (den) is used for the direct object of the sentence, the thing being acted upon. So we have Der Hund (performing the action of bringing something) and den Vogel (the thing being brought). Note the den form of accusative only applies to masculine (der) nouns like der Vogel. If the two animals swapped places it would become Der Vogel bringt den Hund.


So well explained


Thanks for the explanation, this has blown my mind since I started learning German


Der Vogel is Nominative and den Vogel is Accusative. I'm not sure how to explain this to you because I don't know much grammar but I'll try to help you understand. That is THE bird (der Vogel) - nominative He is bringing THE bird (den Vogel) - accusative He likes THE bird (den Vogel) - accusative


Please clarify: the "g" in "bringt" is NOT silent, right?


No, it's not silent.


Grafiker, I guess your suggestion works.


can you also say 'Den Vogel bringt der Hund?'


Yes you can, if you want to stress that the BIRD was brought by the dog.


Is "the hound brings the bird" correct? As I had typed this and it had not taken it as valid.


The hound = der Jagdhund but what you're saying should probably be correct. Try reporting it.


Yea I made the same "error"

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    Vögel is the plural form for Vogel?

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      Why do they always give the word definition but always expect us to know a possible answer?! I had the word that meant “is bringing“. I put “the dog is bringing the bird“ but it said “possible answer: the dog receives the bird“! I wanted to get it completely right!! This makes me sick.


      You did get it completely right, don't worry. Bringen has many uses and meanings in German and a lot depends on the context of the sentence. Bringen can mean "get" which could be interpreted as "receives" although that is not a great translation.


      When to use Die Das Den Der confused


      Is this how you would describe what a Retriever does? Brings rather than fetches or carries the bird?

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