"La observación es importante para la ciencia."

Translation:Observation is important in science.

December 22, 2012


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Why isn't "The observation is important for science" a valid answer? Can it not be referring to a specific observation rather than general observation? Or is this a Spanish idiom?

February 3, 2013


Hola NobleJohn: In Spanish wehn we talk about things in general, the big picture, we use the article, in this case "La". It is not translated to English.

November 19, 2013


It is now accepted.

February 17, 2014


My question exactly.

December 17, 2017


I think "Observation is important to science" would also be OK. But DL doesn't agree.

April 9, 2014


That's what I answered, too, and I'm going to whine.

November 25, 2015


An IMPORTANT observation in science is not any observation. Therefore I think "THE observation" should be correct too. (I'm no a native-speaker, so please correct me if I am wrong).

January 18, 2013


This sentence doesn't refer to a specific observation, but the act of observing.

August 22, 2017


How would the two phrasings be different in Spanish?

November 10, 2018


Why not 'the observation'?

December 22, 2012


Hola susanes: In Spanish wehn we talk about things in general, the big picture, we use the article, in this case "La". It is not translated to English.

November 19, 2013

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Couldn't the context be a particular science, thus allowing "the" scince (we are talking about)?

October 1, 2015


Perhaps in Spanish one would refer to a specific observation as "esa/esta observación" not "la observación," reserving the latter solely for observations in general.

February 18, 2013


Also, you could say 'the science', as it doesn't have to be important for all sciences, for example in mathematics we don't take observations

September 16, 2014


Can it be "en la ciencia"?

January 4, 2015


I put "Observation is important for science." and it was marked correct, so maybe the fixed that since you posted.

December 31, 2012


If the observation were important for a specific science, e.g. chemistry, would the inclusión of the... the science be correct?

May 5, 2014


I did In science rather than For or To. DL didn't like that although I feel it's perfectly OK.

June 22, 2014


Today 23/Aug/2015 the main translation is 'in science'

August 23, 2015


Observation is important for the science

December 25, 2018


Please do indicate when it is okay to drop the definite article (the two 'the' for la). I recognize it sounds more idiomatic English, but there have been other times when I omitted the 'the' and it was deemed incorrect. Would the sentence without one or the other or both 'la' be wrong in Spanish?

December 30, 2012


I can't tell when either. I knew it was a 50/50 gamble as sometimes they want them and sometimes not. Still, I should have known to leave them out.

December 31, 2012


I got this right because I second guessed DL but as a native speaker I don't believe it to be correct.to start the sentence with "The".

February 28, 2017


I believe I'm correct

December 27, 2017


Observation is important in the science

July 13, 2018
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