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Does anyone else want more stuff to buy in the shop?

Hi all,

I love lingots and got really excited about them. I bought a 'streak freeze', and a 'double or nothing' but now I still have 61 lingots left.

Personally, I think I will not spend more than 5 lingots a week (for a new double or nothing), and as I am planning to use duo every day, I will mostly get 5 new lingots, and hopefully not need to use the streak freeze. This leaves me with at least 5 new lingots a weak, and only 5 to spend...

I won't buy the heart refill, because I don't see the point: if you are struggling with a lesson so much that you do not get through it (loose 3+hearts), I would not want to move on, because I think it would be bad for my learning. And if I would use it simply to get another lingot...well paying 4 lingots to get 1 new lingot does not make much sense to me either. :)

So, I am currently left with 61 lingots, but nothing to spend them on (I am equipped with timed practice also).

Bottom line: it would be great to have more stuff to buy. But what? I am not even sure! Do you have any suggestions?

September 15, 2013



An adorable little owl avatar that you could customize by buying personal items in the store. It sounds pointless, but for me personally I would be more encouraged to earn Lingots without purchasing what I consider cheater's products.


Yes that is a great idea - I think buying things for the owl (rather than buying badges for yourself, which would be self-prais, haha, i know this is stupid, and self praise is sometimes very good for you) would totally be something I'd do! (Not to say that I would not buy batches for myself - I totally would do that too)


I totally agree with badges. I'm a very competitive person and this would definitely work for me.


Aww, that would be so cute! I would really work for the little owl. :)


Ecuadorkian, I love that idea. I'd love to have a little owl avatar.


Exclusive Badges perhaps for your profile? Exclusive lessons for a chosen language? New challenges in a language tree? The possibilities are endless really


yes, but the new lessons would probably take a lot of effort to write - so are less likely to be implemented I guess. Badges sound good. Maybe new lessons could be added IN CASE the surprise on 9.Oct is user added languages. (But especially with advanced lessons I would hope only native speakers are allowed to write the translations :) haha )


For those that have lingots, I'm curious as to how they work. If I buy a heart refill, can I choose when to use it or is the first or last heart lost refilled automatically. I ask because I would like to use it for when I make stupid mistakes like trying to type an apostrophe and pressing enter instead.

Also apparently the timed practice thing, has always been there and their just making it a freebie as a filler?

Can you buy all you got in "Double or Nothing" like an all in type deal, and double your lingots in one week, or can you buy only one per week? If only one per week, can you buy one per day and win each seven days latter? I only have 20 right now, thats a quarter of my stash, don't want to risk it now.

One idea I have for purchases in the store, and this suggestion might be a rephrased question, but the streak freeze, it could be set up to buy a few day worth, for example if you know your going camping for a week or so, away from internet. If so there should be a tapered down affect on the price, it's not your fault your going on vacation! So maybe ten for the first two, five for the next five, three for the next ten and one thereafter, and non-refundable starting the day of purchase.

Another idea is they can set up a lingot transfer method between users, that way maybe tutoring sessions can be "bought". Or at least set up tutoring "room" so controlled timed sessions can be bought for a set "fee".

A modification of the previous idea is, someone could set a prize from their lingot purse, at the start or after a few days of a post not being answered, on a lesson question post, to whoever answers their question (many questions are left unanswered). That way people are incentivized to answer questions. Maybe you can set a certain control so that only users at a certain level can qualify to win the prize, to ensure a more competent answer? Or a release of funds (which cannot be returned) button, pressed by the questioner, only when the answer is deemed helpful?

A modification on that idea is you can buy stickiness to posts you make.

Another idea is buying rights to first crack at translating an article, since people prefer translating rather than checking.


You should already have them. Test it yourself.


Dulingo could also sell hats and t-shirts for money. I would think that people after completing a language would consider it fun to have a duolingo hat or t-shirt. I would.


Just realizing there has been a related discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/822324 Sorry for double posting.


I saw a few people (myself included) who wanted Duolingo t-shirts in exchange for lingots: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/818198, although that doesn't sound cost-effective for whoever has to order/print the shirts. I love the badges idea, I would totally go for kitschy collectibles like that. Or stickers!!! Those are much cheaper and more versatile compared to clothing, and fairly easy to ship. Bookmarks would work too.

This might be a little highbrow, but could Duolingo offer lingots in exchange for article translations? The site could have pages or short paragraphs which the user could translate in exchange for lingots or coins- essentially the same as what we have now, but with longer, more in-depth sentences. Each paragraph would be worth a set amount of coins and/or lingots, with deductions based on the number of incorrect translations. Personally speaking, to go from translating the simple sentences found in the lesson practices to reading full-page articles in the immersion section feels like a huge leap (especially in German where compound words are the norm, something which hasn't yet come up in the skill tree), so to have an exercise that bridges the gap between the two would be really handy.


I am not sure about the T-shirt or even sticker idea - I would love that, but I think duolingo yet has to make stable profit with translations. I mean imagine having to pay a team and keep such an amazing website running. an all the other costs that we don't know/think of :) The costs must be enormous! And given the amount of users shipping stickers would add up just by the postage alone. So I think lingots should be used for things that improve our learning through cost-effective ways, like batches, little avatars etc. But I think a shop with t-shirts etc to buy with money would be great.


I'd like the ability to buy a point after I have failed some minimum number of times, say 5, at the same lesson. I usually do DL in the morning before I go to work, to be sure to keep my streak alive, and it seems kind of wrong to still have zero points after getting say 14 or 15 questions correct five times in a row. When that happens, I usually go to my tree and do one of the easy lessons just to get my 10 points to save the streak. But I'd rather continue to work on the one I'm having trouble with.

I imagine that we would equip that, and instead of seeing the crying owl after the fifth time, we would instead see the invitation to use our Get-One-Point card.

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