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Giving more information when introducing new words

Hi, I appreciate everything in this site. It is an awesome place to learn and practice other languages. I just want to make a suggestion: Would that be possible to show more information about the newly introduced words?

For example the programme introduces Der Apfel. However it would be great if it can show you at least its plural. It may also help learning Akkusative and Dativ, if such information is available everytime a new word it introduced.

(Though I admit I have only seen the very initial part of the tests perhaps such themes are introduced better later on)

Thanks :D

December 22, 2012



Perhaps you should look in a dictionary. When you learn a new German noun, it is necessary to learn its gender and its plural as these cannot always be deducted from its singular form.


(To Tomk123) I agree with your point partially. Yes it is important to use a high quality dictionary. But I am saying that why not making it just available online.

(to everyone including Duolingo staff) I am saying that instead of only seeing a crude English translation of a "new word". We should be able to see all the details we can find in a dictionary. At least its Artikel and its Plural form, if not its synonyms/antonyms, example sentences, pronunciation etc.


1) Because then every time we have a new word, we at least have an idea about its plural and artikel.

2) More we repeat, better we learn. However, though we learn the word and its meaning quite well, we are not exposed to its plural enough.

3) It would save time to see all the details on the website instead of a paper dictioanry. I am not saying that you should create a whole new online dictionary. Just for the "new words" introduced during the practices. (however, such a detailed online dictionary would be a great educational and commercial idea ;D that should definitely be considered as well =o )

(to all old school learners) Please dont insist that I should just use a proper paper dictionary. From that point of view, We can use a paper grammar book or a practice book as well... Why do we even bother to use this website? Because it is more interactive and it is easier to learn or revise from here. However it does not exploit its potential enough! (And telling me to use a paper dictionary is merely turning a blind eye on that potential...)

Thanks for reading this neverending post :D

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