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"Der Liter"

December 22, 2012



Worst of all: could be "der Liter", "das Liter" - both singular and "die Liter" - plural. Did not test those either.


I just tested 'das Liter' (for science!) and it's marked wrong. I'll report it.


I thought it was das Liter because I just learned the word Liter a second ago and I SWEAR it was neuter. Am I mistaken? What am I missing? If it is neuter why can it be "der"?


And I swear it's both :) See http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Liter

"der LiĀ­ter", maskuline or "das Liter", neuter. It is just both. But if you learn neuter and stick to it, you won't be wrong. So there is nothing to fear. I think the discussion is mainly due to Duolingo flagging something wrong during a test even though it should be right too.

Wikipedia tells us that DIN 1301, Teil 1 uses "das Liter", so for science and technology the neuter version is ok.


Could be "Die Liter" as well. As in "The liters". Didn't test that though.

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