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"The new food is explained in the newspaper."

Translation:Mínítear an bia nua sa nuachtán.

April 22, 2015



When they underline a word in the answer and it contains two "i" and it obviously means that one of them should have a fada - can anyone figure out how to tell which one ? because of the unclear printing. Could this be handled differently???


Both of the "i"s in Mínítear have a fada.

There was a discussion of how to over-ride the font used on the website a few weeks ago, depending on your web browser, though it's extremely unlikely that this will ever be directly supported by Duolingo, unfortunately.

(If you are using IE11 or Microsoft Edge on Windows8 or Windows 10, hit F12, select the DOM Explorer, scroll down about 15 lines in the left hand panel, to the line that says "Font: 500 15px/20px "museo-sans-rounded",sans-serif". You can uncheck the box to use a default font that is a bit clearer, or double-click on the font and change it to one that is much clearer - this is a temporary fix, that only lasts as long as you keep that browser window open)


Isn't food one of those words that could be singular i.e. one dish or plural i.e. a whole new menu? so could either an or na be used?


The plural of bia is bianna.

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