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la galeria de tiro?

I'm surprised that the Spanish phrase for shooting gallery translates to "the gallery of discarding/throwing away". Why wouldn't it be la galeria de disparar"? or is that also acceptable?

December 22, 2012

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mmmm No. I believe this is used somewhere in Latin America and I do not know how they call the shooting gallery though...

In Spainish galeria de tiro is the shooting gallery. I believe this could be referred to a chimney perhaps.

GalerĂ­a has several meanings. It can be used as tunnel in the mines, and by extension, can be applied to a corridor too (galerĂ­a comercial, as mall). It can be applied to a closed balcony with big span.

Tirar has multiple meanings too: it can be to discard by throwing away, can be to throw (throw me the keys) and can be used also to shoot. It also means to pull. Tiro can be referred to, literally pulling animals (animales de tiro) such an ox, it can mean shot and it has the meaning of the flow throw a chimney.

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